Adhesive electrode /32mm/round/pin
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Discontinued product

You found this product because it was previously in our range. We have discontinued distribution and therefore it is no longer available. However, you can still find the accessories you need to use this product!


It provides excellent signal transmission quality and represents a high level among the electrodes we sell.

The electrode is round, 30mm in diameter, so it is worth using in areas where larger electrodes do not fit. For example, on the face or for the treatment of a child.

The pin connector is medical standard, 2mm, meaning it can be used with all standard devices.

Highly recommended

for neurostimulation purposes, i.e. for various paralysis. For example, facial nerve palsy, peroneus paresis.
Due to its small size, it is excellent for any electrotherapy treatment of young children
this is worth applying for facial beauty treatments

It is also recommended to choose if your skin is sensitive to electrical treatment or you want to reduce the discomfort of electrical treatment.