Compex SP 8.0 muscle stimulator
Instruction for Use
Expected delivery time: 10 days



Instruction for Use

The absolute ultimate in training aids for the professional athlete, the Compex SP Wireless 8.0 has been created using muscle intelligence technology that not only mimics the impulses sent to the muscles from the brain, but also ensures that the correct amount of stimulation is given to each individual muscle group, based on your own physiology.

Using this technology alongside the MI-AUTORANGE, the Compex SP Wireless 8.0 will determine the most appropriate level of stimulation automatically, ensuring that you receive the optimum performance whether you are treating pain, building muscle or in recovery.

Ensuring that you see an improvement in every aspect of your fitness.

Most commonly used to warm up muscles before exercise, the Compex SP Wireless 8.0 can also be used to warm down after exercise and to treat pain when recovering from injury.

So regardless of whether you are training to run around the world or are still suffering from a recurring shoulder complaint, the Compex SP Wireless 8.0 is an ideal tool in your fitness arsenal that will aid recovery and enhance performance.

Use it for massage, oxygenation, body building, increase strength, treat muscle strain and provide pain relief.


scans the muscle and automatically adjusts stimulator parameters to your physiology.


optimizes session effectiveness by combining voluntary contractions with electrostimulated contractions, giving you total control over your workout.


makes it easier to adjust stimulation levels for anti-pain programs to ensure optimal results.


a brand new feature that enables your Compex module to determine the most appropriate level of stimulation automatically.

Technical specification

Technology:    Wireless
Muscle intelligence:    MI-scan, MI-autorange, MI-tens, MI-action on the 4 modules
Web connection:    Yes
Download objective:    Yes
Upload remote history:    Yes
Program categories:    Conditioning, Fitness, Pain management, Recovery / Massage, Rehabilitation
NB of programs:    40
NB of channels:    4
Screen    Matrix colors:
Power:    120 mA, 400 us, 150 Hz
Energy:    Rechargeable battery in less than 2h

Compatible accessories