Pair of halfleg cuffs 4 chambers

Pair of halfleg cuffs 4 chambers

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Included by default: 1 db 4 légkamrás félhosszú láb mandzsettapár "M" méret

Leg Cuffs

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Pair of halfleg cuffs 4 chambers for Power Q-1000 Plus/ Premium compression therapy unit

Use this cuff to treat the condition after deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities (3-4 months after the onset of thrombosis).

It can also be used in mild lymphedema, limited to the foot and ankles, but if the lymphedema spreads below the knee, it is no longer appropriate. The thigh-length cuff is for this.

Measure the following data to select the appropriate size

  • ankle circumference
  • calf circumference
  • knee circumference

Knowing the data, you can now choose the right size cuff!

LEG M - normal76286456473526
LEG L - large84287870605028
LEG XL - extra95448478706450
Extension for “M” - normal LEG Cuffs87136----
Extension for “L” - large LEG Cuffs92136--- 
HALFLEG - normal49326460544815
Extension for HALFLEG cuffs62146----


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