PeroBravo electrotherapy unit
Instruction for Use

PeroBravo electrotherapy unit

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Included by default: device, 4x electrode (40x40mm), cables, footswitch, 2x rubber electrode and sponge, 2x elastic straps, 4x AA battery, charger, carry case
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Instruction for Use

PeroBravo is designed to offer 20 different treatment-programs suited for:

  • All phases in the treatment of peroneal palsy
  • Stimulation of denervated muscles in general
  • Stimulation of muscles with an intact nervous control – either biphasic or monophasic EMS
  • Pain-therapy (TENS) with biphasic or monophasic pulses

Features and benefits:

  • Versatile digital one-channel-device
  • Suited for stimulation of paretic muscles, TENS- and EMS-treatment
  • 1 diagnostic-program to create a strength/duration-curve (SDC)
  • 11 preset treatment programs with different shapes of pulses
    • Single pulses triangular (form of triangle is adjustable)
    • Single pulses trapezoidal (form of trapeze is adjustable)
    • Biphasic or monophasic current
  • 3 preset programs for training of walking (peroneal palsy)
  • 5 custom programs: single phase / single pulse, multiple phase biphasic or monophasic current and for training of walking
  • Foot switch for gait-training is included
  • Automatic or manual trigger of pulses
  • Indication of pulseform, intensity and remaining treatment time
  • Statistics showing important global treatment data or detailed statistics of each session for 60 days of treatment
  • Real time clock

Technical details

  • Intensity: 0 – 60 mA
  • Power supply: 4 rechargeable NiMH-batteries 1,5 V Type AA

Single pulses:

  • Monophasic triangular or trapezoidal with continuously changing polarity
  • Pulse width: 1 ms – 1000 ms

Enveloped pulses:

  • Biphasic, symmetrical, rectangular or monophasic positive, rectangular
  • Frequency: 1 – 120 Hz
  • Pulse width: 50 µs – 35 ms (positive part)
  • Delay-time (gait-training): 0 – 1000 ms

Compatible accessories

  • Használati útmutató PeroBravo elektroterápiás készülékhez
    Mielőtt a készüléket használni kezdi, tanulmányozza át alaposan a használati útmutatót! Az eszköz funkcióinak és a működtetés módjának megismerése és megértése után tudja kihasználni azokat a funkciókat, melyekért az eszközt beszerezte.
  • User manual for PeroBravo stimulator
    Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the device. Once you know and understand the functions of the device and how to operate it, you can take advantage of the features for which you purchased the device.