SaltAir UV Home salt therapy device
Instruction for Use



Instruction for Use

SaltAir UV Home salt therapy device

  • The SaltAir UV Home salt therapy device produces salt mist from the salt solution with which the water tank is filled - by grinding / dispersing the saline solution into fine droplets -, and blows them into the room air for breathing.
  • The ultrasonic (air salinizer) cell produces very tiny (1-5 µm size) breathable salt particles (salt aerosols). This particle size (within a 1–5 μm size range) is ideal for inhalation, in order to enable the salt particles to enter the deepest parts of the lungs (deep lung delivery) and exert their effect everywhere.
  • The salt fog, emitted from the device, has a steady salt concentration.
  • With one fill it will operate for several days - if the tank runs out, it stops automatically
  • The salt concentration is optimal within a distance of one - one and a half meters from the device, and gradually decreases beyond that distance. Therefore, it is well worth staying close to the unit (place it on the bedside table, or on the writing desk)
  • The salt mist produced by the salt therapy device does not form a coating on the furniture (the device does not produce any environmental corrosion effects), nor causes damage to your electronic equipment.
  • The SaltAir device emits only a small amount of water vapor, the released water steam is not always visible. The SaltAir salinizer is not a humidifier and does not substitute the units designed for humidifying the air in the room.
  • DO NOT PUT thermal water, Salvus water, sea salt (most of them contains impurities), cleaned and doped salt (e.g., iodised salt) or essential oils in the water tank of the SaltAir salinizer unit.  These substances can damage your device and can even lead to the loss of warranty. We do not guarantee same health results using a different kind of salt!
  • The advantage of the SaltAir salinizer is that it does not have an expensive replacement salt filter cartridge, which should be replaced from time to time. The SaltAir UV Home compatible Himalayan rock salt: Natural rock salt for home salt therapy, 250 g (Middle Miocene halite rock salt, additive-free, unprocessed and untreated with chemicals, an alternative to Melange of Natural Rock Salts, enriched with magnesium 250 g) can also be purchased at our store. One salt container may be sufficient for many years (depending on frequency of use)

Technical details

  • Dimensions: about175x125mm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Water tank capacity: 500 ml
  • LED: UV light
  • Material: ABS+PP
  • Ultrasound frequency: 3,0 Mhz

Device Instructions

Saltair devices come with a traveller electric adapter, instruction manual and about a 3 month supply of natural rock salt. The salt is packaged in a reusable waterproof key-chain tube, easy to carry with you when travelling.Rock Salt for salt therapy.

The device is easy to use and does not require wearing a face mask or a mouthpiece.You just plug it in and use it during daytime or overnight.

SaltAir covers an area of maximum 45-50 cubic meters(about 1700 cubic foot). However, due to the forced air heating and air conditioning, we recommend placing the device close to your bed, during sleep hours, and direct the gentle air stream towards you.

The salinizer is designed for home use and it is NOT a humidifier! The humidity is minimal and the amount of salt aerosol is safe for home use; they are designed to generate microscopic salt particles, majority under 2 microns, not visible to the human eye. These salt particles are released into the indoor air for breathing.

Saltair uses only mineral salt crystals, unprocessed and untreated with chemicals (98% NaCl, 0.5% calcium chloride and magnesium, 0.2 iodine and other minerals in their natural form). We also provide a melange of salts to speed your recovery in acute or flare-ups. Please find them in our online store and read more about how salt therapy works!

Compatible accessories

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