SonoStim 922 combined ultrasound/MCR therapy
Instruction for Use

SonoStim 922 combined ultrasound/MCR therapy

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Included by default: device, power adaptor, 1x ultrasound gel, 1x cable and 2x self-adhesive electrodes for electrotherapy
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Instruction for Use

The SonoStim 922 is the ideal tool for eliminating acute and persistent inflammation. Therapeutic ultrasound and microcurrent (MCR) have anti-inflammatory and healing effects, respectively. Their combined use amplifies the beneficial effects.

Therapeutic ultrasound allows the treatment of stubborn, deep-lying complaints such as hip osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc. Together with microcurrent treatment, it is mainly effective in inflammatory processes (tennis elbow, spurs, Achilles tendon inflammation, tendon vaginitis).

Its advantage over other ultrasound devices is that it is more effective with microcurrent treatment than ultrasound alone.

Although the device emits only continuous ultrasound, which is primarily intended for the treatment of chronic complaints that have lasted for months, but with low ultrasound intensity and in the combined ultrasound + MCR mode, it is also excellent for acute injuries and inflammations.

The ultrasound intensity of the SonoStim 922 can be adjusted in 9 steps, so that the appropriate treatment intensity can be set for both deep joint (eg hip) treatment and superficial (eg cellulite) treatment.

Recommended use

  • the ultrasonic treatment can be performed once up to twice a day in the same area
  • perform the treatments until complete recovery

Main applications

Pain Reduction and Relaxation

  • reduction of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • reduction of muscle pain
  • elimination of muscle spasms (myospasms) and cramps
  • relaxation of stiff muscles
  • relieving pain caused by sciatica
  • neuritis treatment
  • reducing radicular symptoms (by reducing the edema) in case of spinal disc herniation, lumbago and sciatica
  • treatment of joint calcification
  • reduction of joint stiffness
  • muscle, tendon relaxation due to Dupuytren's contracture
  • tenosynovitis treatment
  • dispersion of hematomas and cicatricial/scar tissues
  • improvement of microcirculation


  • use of ultrasound to enhance the delivery of active agents into the deeper tissue layers for medical or cosmetic purposes

Skin tightening

  • Facial wrinkle treatment (Ultrasound face-lift treatment)
  • by the use of phonophoresis carried out using topically applied substances containing active ingredients

Follow these rules during ultrasound treatment!

  • always put ultrasound gel on the area to be treated! The gel helps the beams to penetrate the skin. Without the gel the treatment remains ineffective or has low-efficiency.
  • turn the device on and adjust the treatment intensity (High-Mid-Low)
  • set the operating time (5-10-15 minutes). The unit will begin the treatment.
  • set the intensity of the pulse mode. 
  • in case of acute (fresh or 1-2 days) complaints pulse mode operation is recommended. Ultrasound, like any wave, carries energy, the shorter the exposure time, the lower the transmitted energy.  
  • whereas for chronic complaints (lasting for several weeks) the continuous ultrasound mode is the adequate choice
  • keep the transducer (ultrasonic probe) head continuously in contact with the skin. Make slow, circular movements.
  • treat an approximately 10x10cm area at the same time.
  • if the pain increases on treatment, it means that too much energy is delivered to the cells. Reduce the intensity and use pulse mode.
  • the device switches off after the preset operating time has elapsed.

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