Motorpoint pen

Motorpoint pen

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The motor point pen

The tool helps to locate the exact position of the muscle nerve endings.

This is the point where the motor nerve endings reach the muscles. 

Knowing the point is important because it is by sticking the electrode to this point that the most effective contraction, i.e. the most effective muscle stimulation, can be achieved.

Using the motor point pencil

  • Connect the cable to the electrostimulator device
  • Connect a self-adhesive electrode to the (-) end of the cable
  • Stick the electrode to the proximal (nearer the midline of the body) end of the muscle to be treated
  • Connect the cable end marked (+) to the motor point pencil
  • Use the "Motor Point Pencil" program or "Warm-up/Warm-up" program if not on the device.
  • Use a conductive gel (e.g. ECG gel, Ultrasound gel) to locate the motor point - this is necessary for good signal transmission
  • Increase the output current (intensity) to 5-6mA if searching on the upper arm, or 5-9mA if searching on the lower limb or trunk.
  • Touch the tip of the motor point pencil to the point where the motor nerve-muscle junction is located (usually the most prominent part of the muscle, the middle of the muscle in elongated muscles)
  • Move the pencil tip very slowly over the skin (always have gel on the skin!)
  • That will be the motor point where you detect the strongest contractions
  • Mark this spot
  • Wipe off the gel and, instead of the motor point pencil, attach a self-adhesive electrode to the (+) end of the cable and stick it to your skin at the point just marked
  • Start the treatment program