B-Cure Laser Pro softlaser /LLLT device
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B-Cure Laser Pro softlaser /LLLT device

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: device, 3 AAA batteries, power supply
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The B-Cure Laser Pro soft laser device

  • active athletes
  • sports doctors
  • physical therapy practices
  • recommended for masseurs
  • for muscle and joint injury treatment
  • for the reduction of acute and chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin

B-Cure Laser Pro Soft Laser Specifications

  • GaAlAs solid state laser diode
  • Laser power: 250mW max
  • 5 Joule/min
  • Wavelength: 808nM
  • Laser pulse frequency: 13kHz
  • Laser pulse duration: 26μs
  • Laser lifetime more than 4000 operating hours
  • Laser beam: 45 x 10mm (length x height)
  • Beam divergence: +/- 3degrees
  • Battery: 3xAAA NiMH battery
  • Battery life over 4 hours
  • Battery charging time approx. 5 hours
  • Battery charging current 300mA max
  • Power supply: 115-230V adapter
  • Device dimensions: 200 x 70 x 40mm
  • Device weight: 175gr. with batteries

Treatment with soft laser

  • the device is placed on the painful area and held there for 5-8 minutes.
  • If the area is larger than the treatment head covers, it should be moved until the entire area is treated.
  • Treatments should be repeated 2-4 times daily until complete healing (at least 10 days recommended).
  • for fresh injuries, up to 10 treatments may be given on the first day.
  • Laser treatment should be performed directly on the skin, it is not appropriate to treat through clothing or bandages!
  • if it is not possible to place it directly on the treated area (e.g. burns, ulcers), it should be as close as possible

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