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Pár manžiet na nohy /6 komôr

Pár manžiet na nohy /6 komôr

€ 640
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Cena zahŕňa: 1 pár (2ks) 6 manžiet na nohy so vzduchovou komorou

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Manžeta na nohu


Cuff for Power Recovery

This 6 air chamber cuff is ideal for the treatment of lymphedema, varicose veins, post-thrombosis conditions affecting the leg. For athletes to improve muscle recovery after leg weight training, intense running/jumping training. 


2 sizes available:M-L

The cuff has an integrated air hose.

To choose your size, measure the following data

  • ankle circumference
  • calf circumference, with equal distance between ankle and knee
  • kneekap circumference
  • thigh circumference