For Business

We are looking forward to your application if you are interested in distributing our products. This could be a business opportunity primarily for medical device distributors, medical practices, physiotherapists, pharmacies, masseurs, trainers, beauticians. We look forward to your cooperation. 

Our company is an importer, directly sourcing from manufacturers and distributing its products in Hungary, so you don't have to deal with import, customs clearance. We provide the products, the accessories needed to use them, the service back-up and everything else required by law.


How can you apply for reseller authorisation?

A reseller can be an operating business with a tax number.

To join, create a registration by clicking here.  Becoming a reseller is 'not automatic'. That is, the decision to approve a reseller application is taken by the management.  

If the request is approved, the account type will be set to `reseller` and a notification will be sent. 

Then you will see the reseller prices (only when logged in). 

There is no obligation to purchase a specific quantity, you can purchase a single product.

If you shop regularly, the discount you start with will gradually increase (in increments based on the total value of your previous purchases).

You can track your orders and order totals in your account. The discount level must be met once, it does not reset. 


Personal support is provided

With our products providing high therapeutic quality and complex functionality, the results you can expect from their use are excellent!

But it is not all the same what, to what and how it is applied. Some of these tools require professional expertise.

We provide medical advice on our products, which means that we will help you choose the most optimal device for you by taking into account your diagnoses, co-morbidities, symptoms and exclusionary conditions, to ensure that you get a device that will help you and keep you happy.

Our consultant, Dr. Zsolt Zátrok, will help you choose the most effective method for your particular case:  e-mail. 


Stable background

Our products have the necessary certificates to be placed on the market within the European Union.

In accordance with the legislation, we provide the appliances with instructions for use in Hungarian. To protect the environment, the instructions for use are not printed but sent in electronic format (PDF).

We provide the consumables and accessories necessary for the regular use of the appliances from stock.

As an importer we also provide warranty and out-of-warranty service.


Contact us with confidence! 

Medimarket customer service
Phone: +36 53 200108