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Magnetotherapy device

A pulsed magnetic therapy device is a medical physiotherapy tool used worldwide to treat musculoskeletal disorders.

PEMF devices use electrical coils to create a pulsating magnetic field. For medical purposes, medium magnetic intensity (100 Gauss to 10000 Gauss) is used. Devices designed for home use typically provide 100-500 Gaussian magnetic intensities.

Biological effects of magnetic therapy

  • pain relief (increases the production of endogenous opiates in the body)
  • reduces inflammation in and around the joints
  • increases the permeability of the cell membrane and thus helps the cell's metabolism, the excretion of waste products
  • stimulates the elimination of edema
  • enhances microcirculation and lymphatic circulation
  • has a biostimulating effect, ie it enhances cellular processes and protein synthesis, thus accelerating healing processes
  • normalizes the cell membrane potential (facilitates the transport of substances through the cell wall)
  • increases cellular energy (ATP) production
  • increases the activity of osteoblasts (bone building cells), thus stimulating bone formation and calcium uptake
  • stimulates the immune system, increases the body's resilience
  • supports the body’s self-healing process, thereby accelerating regeneration processes and shortening the duration of the disease
  • reduces muscle stiffness
  • improves the conductivity of neurons
  • supports neuronal regeneration
  • stimulates epithelial and connective tissue production, thereby wound healing

Areas of application of magnetic therapy

  • osteoporosis
  • Stimulation of bone fracture healing (also acts through plaster)
  • stimulation of prosthesis incorporation
  • alleviation of joint pain
  • treatment of various arthritis
  • tennis elbow, golf elbow, bursitis, tendonitis, Achilles tendon pain
  • treatment of leg ulcers, bedsores, burns
  • sensory disturbances and circulatory disorders caused by diabetes
  • relaxes stiff muscles
  • relieves sleep disorders
  • provides adjunctive therapy for Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis
  • treatment of sports injuries, hematoma reduction
  • supporting the healing of surgical wounds
  • etc.