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Many diseases and conditions cannot be changed in 1-2 days. Full recovery is usually a longer process, taking several months! During this time, you cannot be kept in hospital all the time and the doctor or nurse cannot be with you all the time.

When you are discharged from hospital, it does not mean you are cured, it means you have done the hard part and have to finish the rest at home.After a few sessions of physiotherapy, electrotherapy, etc. in hospital, you should continue at home until you are fully recovered. 


Medical devices that can be used safely at home without a doctor present are grouped by symptoms. Select the symptom you want to treat and you will find the devices that can be applied to that problem.

There are differences between each physical therapy device. One is for different purposes than the other. Ultrasound works differently than soft laser, etc. It is similar to eating utensils. A spoon knife and a fork are different. 

You should ask your doctor about the device you need. And if you're unsure which of the many different types of device is best for you, ask our experts