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Product selection guide

Compression therapy

Compression therapy is a pneumatic compression applied by an accurate compression unit. It helps to improve circulatory problems and health issues associated with lymphatic and veinous system, both. 

Compression therapy promotes heathy circulation and tissue oxygenation, combats fluid retention and helps to activate lymphatic system. Compression therapy can be applied to different body areas, but is most frequently performed on legs, arms, abdomen and waist.

Positive effects of compression therapy on circulatory and lymphatic systems spearhead many health benefits, which include fatigue reduction and pain relief in legs and arms and relief of discomfort caused by puffiness and swelling. Increased blood flow delivers more oxygen to the tissues in the treated areas, helping to reduce inflammation and speeding up cellular regeneration.       

Other benefits of compression therapy include reduction of cellulite, some weight loss, improved muscle tone and skin firmness.     

Compression therapy is pleasant and non-traumatising. The pressure of inflating and deflating leggings and arm cuffs gently massages the arms and legs without causing discomfort and provides immediate reduction of muscle tension and relief of uncomfortable heaviness caused by compromised venous function and sluggish venous blood return from lower legs towards the heart.      

Compression therapy is frequently performed at therapy clinics or beauty salons. However, this can be time consuming, inconvenient and costly, especially as the best results are achieved with long term regular compression therapy sessions.

Latest advances in home use technology make it possible for anyone to enjoy pressotherapy in the privacy of their own home – affordably and conveniently. Now you can invest in your own pressotherapy device and perform your pressotherapy treatments at home.

Why to buy a compression therapy device?

The compression therapy device is excellent not only for lymphatic problems, but also for treating many other symptoms and complaints, such as venous insufficiency, post-thrombotic syndrome, pregnancy varicose vein, cellulite, orange skin, or muscle regeneration of an athlete.

Symptoms of most of these problems occur daily and cause problems. Every day should be treated. If you wait for to swell heavily, it won't be easy to "remove it". However, if you handle it every day, you can maintain a near-normal state.

What is a compression therapy device?

The compression therapy device is a very precisely regulated air compressor. Multi-chamber boots, gloves or belt cuffs can be attached. The device blows the air chambers of the cuffs in the set order. The pressure starts the flow of fluid (lymph) between the tissues. Inflation and drainage control the treatment.

Suggestions for purchasing a compression therapy device

  • Do not buy single air chamber compression therapy device to treat lymphatic system - unsuitable for lymphatic system treatment!
  • The more air compartments a cuff contains, the finer the flow control can be.
  • In general, 4 air chamber devices are sufficient for home and maintenance treatment.
  • 6-12 air chamber devices are recommended for severe lymphodema and for clinics.
  • When the pressure in each air compartment can be controlled separately, the device is more effective in treating lymph edema.
  • Choose the right size cuff! If the cuff is too large, the effect may be less than desired.
  • Measure the circumference
    • legs: ankle, calf, knee and thigh
    • arms: wrist-elbow-armpit
    • trunk: waist-hip