Shipping & Delivery

General information

You can request home delivery to below mentioned countries. We use GLS Logistics as a subcontractor.

Status information will be sent via email during the processing of your order.

Among them, once the package has been created, the tracking URL will be sent.

At the day of the shipment GLS Courier will inform you about details by sms (if you provided a mobile number).

Shipping destinations

Zone 1    Austria, Croatia, Czecz Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia 
Zone 2    Germany, Netherland, Bulgaria
Zone 3    Ireland
Zone 4    Finnland 

Shipment time

Business days* / Country 
1 day - Slovakia
2-3 days - Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czecz Republic, Germany, Netherland, Romania, Slovenia 
4-5 days - Finnland, Ireland 
*estimation, not guaranteed

Delivery charges

The values indicated are in EURO.

 < 2kg< 5kg< 10kg< 20kg<40kg
Zone 1523232631
Zone 2924252939
Zone 32745556694
Zone 478113140208356

Delivery Provider

Our subcontractor for international shipments is

GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Ltd.

Headquarter: Hungary - 2351 Alsónémedi, GLS Európa u. 2.

You can inquire about your package at customer service

Customer service WEB page, contact details.

Phone +36-29-886700, +36-20-8900660


What to do if your parcel is damaged?

Our company uses the GLS courier service, as subcontractor.

When the GLS courier picks up the parcel from us, their employee checks them one by one and scans the vonalkódokat. In this way, packages that are open, teared or visibly damaged cannot leave our warehouse.

GLS moves each parcel several times until it is delivered. On to the car, off the car, in and out of the logistics centre. It is possible that the package may be damaged in the process.

Important! When you pick up your package, you have to check it carefully.

If the packaging is torn, punctured or damaged in any way, you are not obliged to accept it! However, if you do take it over, you should ask a courier to fill a damage report!

Without a parcel damage certificate, you cannot prove to us that it was damaged in transport and we cannot compensate you for the damage. We will only pay compensation if you sent a damage certificate to us.

Completely another issue, if despite the undamaged package the product is damaged or does not work. We will of course guarantee that.