Warranty and Servis


These warranty terms and conditions apply to products sold by Scart and purchased through the commercial portal operated by Scart Kft (2730 Albertirsa, Koltói Anna utca 39.) (hereinafter referred to as Scart or Distributor).

Products sold in our store are warranted for the period provided by law, which is usually

  • devices: 12-36 months
  • accessories, cables, sensors, batteries: 6 months
  • rechargeable batteries are covered by a 3-month warranty
  • the following types of products are not covered: disposables, gels, creams, adhesive electrodes, body contact materials, hygiene products, etc.

Accurate information

  • The invoice we issue is also a guarantee letter. Our warranty obligations are valid from this point on, no other document or additional proof is needed.
  • The invoice of the product will have the factory number of the product recorded on it. Please make sure that you keep the sticker with the factory number of your device.
  • The warranty period for the product will be indicated on the invoice for the product.
  • The warranty starts on the date of the invoice.
  • In the event of a warranty problem with a product with a factory number, you do not need to present a copy of the invoice or warranty certificate, it is sufficient to refer to the factory number of the product.
  • We can identify the product and the validity of the warranty in our system.
  • For most of the products we sell, our company provides servis for failures beyond the warranty period.
  • In case of failure, please contact us via the Contact menu or by phone +36 53 200108 and we will inform you of the action to be taken.
  • The warranty does not cover failures or damage resulting from misuse, so please read carefully the instructions for use supplied with the product!
  • If the defect is due to improper transport, storage, installation, improper maintenance or use of the product;
  • If the defect is due to improper use or use other than that described in the instructions for use, in particular, but not limited to, improper handling, mechanical damage or other external factors (in particular: power surges, extreme voltage or temperature fluctuations, excessive dirt, liquid ingress into the product - into the part of the product that cannot come into contact with liquid, contact with excessive moisture, contact with fire);
  • If the product failure is due to installation and/or commissioning faults (in particular, but not limited to: lack of earthing of the wall socket or other mains socket, connection and disconnection of the product to the mains supply when not switched off/not disconnected from the mains supply) or power supply voltage fluctuations;
  • Regardless of the nature of the product, external interference to the product (e.g.: disassembly of the casing) by third parties other than persons connected with the distributor (in particular, but not limited to, service or other agents);
  • removal or alteration of the serial number of the product;
  • if the product's failure is caused by an elemental or natural disaster;
  • Scart as a distributor shall not be liable for any loss of data or information stored by the product or any damage to the Consumer as a result thereof;
  • Scart as a distributor shall not be liable for any loss of security codes/other security passwords or their malfunction or any damage resulting therefrom.
  • Please use the product only with a properly grounded wall outlet, through an electrical outlet and at the rated voltage as indicated on the manufacturer's label and/or in the instructions for use;
  • Never insert disposable batteries into a charger!
  • Please use only the original cables and accessories supplied with the appliance;
  • Please follow the instructions in the product's user manual;
  • Keep the relevant documentation for the product until the end of the warranty period;
  • Send the product under warranty to the servis centre (2730 Albertirsa, Koltoi Anna utca 39. Tel: +3653200108) with all accessories received at the time of purchase.
  • You are responsible for the cost of returning the product to the servis centre.
  • Address. Open Mon-Fri 8:00-14:00
  • The warranty claim will be rejected if it has arisen from improper storage of the product, in particular but not limited to: cracks, breakage, warped, detached or missing/defective parts, signs of contact with fire, liquid, acid;
  • Where possible, return the product in its original (or similar) packaging to ensure the safety and integrity of the product during shipment;
  • Inappropriate servicing, configuration changes and the use of inappropriate or unauthorised software shall exempt the Distributor from its warranty obligations;
  • The warranty provided by the Distributor shall not affect the rights of the Consumer under the Hungarian legislation in force;
  • In the event of a consumer dispute, the Consumer may also initiate proceedings before the conciliation body attached to the county (capital) chambers of commerce and industry.