Magnum MAT100 mattress /4solenoids/70x44cm

Magnum MAT100 mattress /4solenoids/70x44cm

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The Magnum MAT100 magnetotherapy mat is not a stand-alone device, but an accessory that can be connected to Magnum magnetotherapy devices (except Magnum L).

It only works when connected to Magnum magnetotherapy devices!

Use is recommended if

  • Long treatment times of several hours are recommended for most magnetotherapy treatments, which are optimally performed at night while you sleep.
  • For many people (e.g. those with a fixed work schedule), there is no time during the day to perform long treatments - with the magnetic therapy mat you can treat yourself while you sleep.
  • The mat can also be used to treat bedridden patients.

How to use the MAT100

  • place the mat on the bed surface or armchair and lie down on it.
  • connect the mattress to the Magnum.
  • select the appropriate programme from the menu and start it.
  • sleep peacefully, the appliance will switch off automatically at the end of the treatment time.

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