Opportunity for cooperation

As an importer, we purchase our products directly from the manufacturers and distribute them. 

If you are e.g. medical device distributor, doctor's office, physiotherapist, pharmacy, masseur, trainer, beautician, etc. and interested to expand your business opportunities by selling our products, we are happy to cooperate with you.


How to apply for reseller authorisation?

A reseller can be any operating business. To join, please create a registration by clicking here.

This will not yet grant you reseller access, but will notify management of your reseller application.

If your request is accepted, the account type will be set to `reseller` and you will be notified.

You will then see the reseller prices (logged in only).

The discount will increase in increments based on the total value of previous purchases. You can track your orders and order totals in your account. The discount level must be met once, it does not reset.

We provide professional support

Our products provide high therapeutic quality and complex functionality, the results you can expect from their use are excellent!

However, it does matter to what and how it is applied. Some of the devices require professional expertise.

We provide medical advice on our products, which means that we help you to choose the most optimal device, taking into account diagnoses, co-morbidities, symptoms and exclusionary conditions, to ensure that you get a device that will help you and keep you happy.

Our expert, Dr. Zsolt Zátrok, is available by phone and email to help you choose the most effective method for your particular case. Tel: +36 53 200108 or e-mail.

Communication can be in Hungarian or English, although nowadays, with the help of machine translation, it is possible to communicate in other languages. Obviously, machine communication is still imperfect, but in many cases it may be appropriate.


Strong background

Our products are certified for marketing in the European Union.

We provide the consumables and accessories necessary for the regular use of the devices from stock.

As an importer, we also provide warranty and out-of-warranty service.


Do not hesitate to start cooperation with us!