Aquilo-Ice Sport Recovery System base unit

Aquilo-Ice Sport Recovery System base unit

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Use the Aquilo and IcePants to increase athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury and maximise the efficiency of muscle recovery.

After a hard workout, when you have worked your muscles thoroughly, be it running, cycling, swimming, crossfit, any martial arts or any workout that has thoroughly worked and "fired up" your muscles, slip into the IcePants and ensure effective muscle recovery!


  • The Aquilo device pumps ice water into the specially designed inserts of the pants, which is evenly distributed to the shape of the leg - providing cooling and compression over the entire surface.
  • Then, constant circulation ensures that all parts of the leg receive even cooling during the 15-20 minute treatment.
  • The system provides optimal cooling (10-12°C).
  • The device is portable, so you can use it anywhere and anytime to aid recovery - while staying dry!
  • Choose the right size IcePants! We recommend you choose one size larger instead of the recommended size according to the official size chart!


If you've ever seen footage from inside a cycling team bus after a Tour de France stage, you'll have seen that each athlete has their own resting spot where the regeneration protocol begins immediately. Some people's muscles are worked by massage therapists, and those who don't have a kneading hand either use a muscle stimulator or a compression machine or an ice massage . They cool the muscles, stimulate the discharge of metabolites and reduce exercise-induced inflammation.

A Movistart Tour győztes csapat például Aquilo-t használ az izomregeneráció gyorsítására

The winning Movistart Tour team, for example, uses Aquilo to accelerate muscle regeneration. Immediately after the race, already in the team bus! 2-hour optimal time window.


During an intense workout, something else happens to your muscles. Many muscle fibres tear as a result of the effort. Creatine kinase enzyme is released from the muscle fibres, and the build-up of this enzyme is also not conducive to efficient muscle work. The muscle becomes stiff and fatigued. These tears are very important as they are a signal to the body to build stronger, thicker, more durable muscle fibres. In other words, it is one of the keys to muscle development and strength gain.

But the healing of torn fibres starts with an inflammatory process in the first 2-3 days. Only then does the actual recovery begin. On the one hand, cooling is very effective in reducing the amount of stiffness-causing creatine kinase and in moderating-shortening the inflammatory process. The regeneration process is accelerated, muscle stiffness is reduced and the risk of injury is reduced.

Regeneration practices should be applied within 2 hours after the physical exertion, i.e. immediately after training or competition.

László Cseh's regeneration programme with Aquilo

László Cseh regenerates after a workout with an Aquilo muscle cooler.

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