B-Cure Laser Sport softlaser /LLLT device
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B-Cure Laser Sport softlaser /LLLT device

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: device, 3 AAA batteries, power supply
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The B-Cure Laser Sport softlaser (LLLT) device

  • is recommended for active athletes
  • sports physicians
  • massectors
  • for the treatment of musculoskeletal acute and chronic pain
  • musculoskeletal pain.


  • GaAlAs solid-state laser diode
  • Laser power: 250mW max.
  • 4.5 Joule/min
  • Wavelength: 808nM
  • Laser pulse frequency: 15kHz
  • Laser pulse duration: 17μs
  • Laser lifetime more than 4000 operating hours
  • Laser beam: 45 x 10mm (length x height)
  • Laser beam divergence: +/- 3degrees
  • Battery: 3xAAA NiMH battery
  • Battery operating time more than 4 hours
  • Battery charging time about 5 hours
  • Battery charging current 300mA max.
  • Power supply: 115-230V adapter
  • Device dimensions: 200 x 70 x 40mm
  • Device weight: 175gr., with batteries

Soft laser treatment points

General soft laser treatment points

Therapy Points for B-Cure Soft Laser Treatment for General Complaints

Sports Injuries Soft Laser Treatment Points

Terápiás pontok B-Cure lágylézer kezeléshez sportsérülésekre

Sports laser treatment points

Terápiás pontok B-Cure lágylézer kezeléshez fogászati panaszokra

For more information, download the brochure "Treatments with B-Cure soft laser"!


Comparing Soft Laser Devices

  B-Cure Laser Safe Laser 150 B-Cure Laser SportB-Cure Laser Pro Safe Laser 500 Infra
Wavelength808 nm660 nm808 nm808 nm808 nm
Solar divergence+/- 3° +/- 3°+/- 3° 
Color of lightInfra, invisibleRed, visibleInfra, invisibleInfra, invisibleInfra, invisible
Surface dimensions4.5cm2 5.3cm24.5cm24.5cm23.14cm2
Face shapeovalcircleovalovalcircle
Laser power250mW250mW250mW250mW500mW
Energy emissions3.75Joule9.0Joule*4.5Joule5.0Joule30 Joule*
energy deviation/cm2/perc0.83 J/cm2/perc1.7 J/cm2/perc*1.0 J/cm2/perc1.11 J/cm2/perc9.55 J/cm2/min*
Treatment times (for 5 Joule injection)6 minutes3 minutes*5 minutes4.5 min2-3 min*
Depth of coverage3-8cm1-3cm3-8cm3-8cm3-8cm
Adjustable treatment timeYesNoYesYesNo
Subscribe when the required energy is injectedYesNoYesYesNo
to reach area for treatment
ArthritisNot suitableSuitableSuitableSuitable 
Rheumatoid ArthritisSuitableBlind fingersSuitableSuitableSuitable
Disease recovery CompliantCompliantCompliantSuitableSuitable
Treating acne-prone skinSuitableSuitableSuitableSuitableSuitable
Scar reduction, scar pain reductionRelevantRelevantRelevantMalfeligibleMalfeligible
Physical inflammationsMalfeligibleSuitableSuitableSuitableSuitable

*Full battery, maximum values, on skin 

Soft laser, soft laser, cold laser, low intensity laser are the same device. Treatment with it charges the cells with energy. Its effect is biostimulation, i.e. laser beam initiates and stimulates healing and regeneration.

How to perform soft laser treatment

  • The device is placed on the painful area and held there for 5-8 minutes.
  • If the area is larger than the treatment head covers, it should be moved until the whole area is treated.
  • Treatments should be repeated 2-4 times a day until complete healing (at least 10 days is recommended).
  • For fresh injuries, up to 10 treatments can be performed on the first day.
  • Laser treatment should be applied directly to the skin, it is not appropriate to treat through a cloth or bandage!
  • If it is not possible to apply directly to the treated area (e.g.

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