IPS 3Mhz cosmetic ultrasound /+ion & light therapy
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IPS 3Mhz cosmetic ultrasound /+ion & light therapy

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: device, USB cable, table stand, goggles. 250 g ultrasound gel
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A multifunctional device for the treatment of the skin, especially the face.

Widely used in cosmetology, it provides three effective techniques: 3Mhz ultrasound, ion (galvanic) and light therapy. The name IPS is formed from the English initials of these techniques:I(on) - P(hoton - light) - S(ound - sound).

You can use the natural physical energies to boost the vitality of skin cells, speed up blood circulation, and strengthen collagen and oxygenation, improve metabolism, reduce acne and blemishes to restore flawless and youthful skin.

IPS - Ion, Light and Ultrasound Therapy in One

The three technologies used ensure the device's excellent cosmetic effect. A single device can treat a wide range of problems affecting your skin. 

Ultrasound delivers active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin much better than manual massage. The ion (galvanic) treatment helps to deeply cleanse the skin, stimulating collagen production and thus restoring skin elasticity. And the yellow LED light stimulates lymphatic circulation and detoxifies the skin.

The IPS is a compact facial companion for the home.

Why use the device?

The main role of your skin is to protect it from the harms of the outside world. If you put an expensive cream or serum on your skin, it is the skin's job to prevent the foreign substance from getting through it and into your body.

For the cosmetic to work, it would have to get through your skin. If you can't do that, you can spend a lot of money on cosmetics that have little effect.

Professional salons always use some kind of technology to improve skin permeability during a cosmetic treatment. For example, ultrasound, radiofrequency, electrotherapy, iontophoresis, mesotherapy, etc. This is why after a salon treatment your skin looks refreshed, but when you apply the same cream yourself, you see no change.

Use the IPS Facial Scanner!

Three technologies help you treat your skin at home.The most effective of these is 3MHz ultrasound, which uses high-frequency (and inaudible to the ear) sound pulses to loosen the skin's poles, stimulate circulation and "pump" active ingredients into deep tissues. This allows vitamins, enzymes and other substances to work where they make sense and where they are needed. It is the subcutaneous layer that contains the collagen fibres and elastin that give elasticity. The oxygen and nutrient supply of this layer has a big impact on the firmness, elasticity and youthful appearance of your skin.

Ion therapy uses a mild electric current to help deep cleanse, hydrate and improve skin permeability. It also contributes to the deep penetration of active ingredients.

A yellow LED light stimulates lymphatic circulation and skin detoxification. It also reduces crow's feet and puffiness around the eyes by improving circulation.

You only need to use the device for a few minutes a day and the result is a more supple and healthier complexion.

Why is 3Mhz ultrasound better for skin treatment than 1Mhz?

The full energy of 3Mhz ultrasound is harnessed at the surface, i.e. in the skin. In professional cosmetic practice, 3Mhz ultrasound is used to treat the skin (as is the IPS device). 

Attention! The 1Mhz ultrasound beam is mainly used for musculoskeletal complaints, joint problems, which can penetrate up to 10-15cm deep into the body. If you use 1Mhz ultrasound, only a small fraction of the energy will hit the skin, most of it will just "pass through" and treat the deeper tissues and have little skin effect.

Using the IPS Facial at home will help

  • deep skin cleansing;
  • hydration and wrinkle reduction;
  • tightening and plumping;
  • puffiness reduction;
  • acne elimination;
  • blemish fading;
  • eye bags and dark circles removal.

The device is designed for routine, everyday skin care at home.

The use of the device is not recommended or should be used after medical advice in the following cases:

  • During pregnancy (electrical treatment may pose a risk)
  • In case of allergic dermatitis or bleeding (ultrasound may increase fresh bleeding,
  • Irritated skin or redness due to sunburn (extra energy administered during treatment may increase sunburn symptoms)
  • Skin ulcers or inflammation (ultrasound may increase wound inflammation)
  • Cosmetic surgery on parts of the body
  • Telangiectasia or steroid and long-term hormone therapy
  • Treatment with ultrasound may increase the risk of skin inflammation;liver dysfunction

The device provides the following treatments

  • Deep cleansing
  • Hyrocirculation support and detoxification
  • Reduction of inflammation (acne treatment)
  • Nutrients,
  • Hydration
  • Rehydration
  • Rehydration and wrinkle reduction by stimulating collagen production

Suitable for sensitive, problem skin.

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