M70 pulseoximeter /fingertip/adult
Instruction for Use

M70 pulseoximeter /fingertip/adult

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: 1x M70, 2 AAA batteries
Item number: BlpX-M70
Instruction for Use


The device is recommended for use at home for rapid monitoring of SURVIVORS with respiratory or cardiac conditions. For physicians, the device is recommended when a few measurements a day are needed. This device is not designed for use in hospitals or institutions.

In severe lung diseases (chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, lung tumours, asthma, etc.) the lungs are not able to take up enough oxygen. The saturation value indicates the severity of the situation. While a value between 95-100% is considered normal, a value below 95% is a marker of disease.

Recent medical data show that a COVID-19 virus infection can be indicated by a decrease in oxygen saturation even if it does not otherwise cause symptoms. Covid should be considered in the absence of complaints at values below 80. You only need to measure 1-2 times a day, there is no need to have the device on your hand all the time. 

In certain cardiac diseases (heart failure, cardiomyopathy, absolute arrhythmia-pulmonary fibrillation, etc.) the heart is not able to deliver enough blood to the extremities (periphery). In such cases, the saturation value is lower than normal. The pulse oximeter helps to detect it in time and the patient can take medication or call for help in time. 

Taking a pulse oximeter

  • To take a pulse oximeter reading, position yourself comfortably. Sit or lie down.
  • The device can be opened with tweezers. One finger (index, middle or ring finger recommended) should be inserted into the opening.
  • The screen side of the device should be on top, on the side facing the fingernail.
  • Power on the device. The data will soon appear on the display and the final value will be shown after about 30-40 seconds.
  • This procedure has no side effects.

Additional features of the device

  • Displays peripheral (measured at the fingertip) heart rate
  • Displays peripheral heart rate - a continuously changing curve, pulse rate is a continuous waveform that varies with pulse rate
  • Displays pulse strength (on bar graph)
  • Display and Data Storage function NONE


Property / Data 
Display: OLED graphical display 
Displayed values, data: oxygen saturation, heart rate (PR), plethysmogram 
Measuring range: SpO2:  0 - 100 %, upper value indicates maximum saturation 
Applicable: 8-26 mm finger size
Power supply: 2pcs AAA batteries

Instruction for Use