Magnum XL magnetotherapy device
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Magnum XL magnetotherapy device

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: 1 Magnum XL magnetotherapy unit, 1 carrying bag, 1 flexible solenoid (length min 30/max 40 cm X width 10 cm), 1 power supply unit, 1 user manual
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Magnetic solenoids for small area treatment

Magnetic mats for large area treatment

Instruction for Use


The Magnum XL magnetotherapy device provides low-frequency pulsed magnetic field treatment. It activates tissue metabolism, stimulates regeneration of bones, joints, ligaments, cartilage and tendons. Beauty programmes for healthy, supple skin.


  • Fractures
  • Shoulder Fractures
  • Forearm Fractures
  • Tibia Fractures
  • Wrist Fractures
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Cervical Osteoarthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Arthrosis
  • Delay fracture consolidation
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hand Osteoarthritis
  • Hip Osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder Osteoarthritis
  • Column Osteoarthritis


  • Drainage
  • Cellulite
  • Oedematous standstill
  • Treat. swollen legs
  • Reactivate treatment
  • Treat.for tissue toning
  • Acne
  • Scares
  • Face wrinkles
  • Stretch marks

Optional accessories 

A range of optional magnetic coils available, which can be used for different treatments. You should choose the one that best suits the area or condition you need to treat.

Magnum flexible soleniod, standard

One (or two for some devices) 30x10 cm flexible magnetic coils are supplied by default.

This contains 2 magnetic coils, with opposite polarity. It is therefore specifically designed to treat fractures, inflammations and injuries of the arm and leg, hand, foot, wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip. It should be applied like a blood pressure cuff, i.e. it should be placed around the area to be treated. This design ensures that the two magnetic coils are placed in opposite positions on either side of the bone or joint and their magnetic fields are linked.

Magnum flexible solenoid, large


A 40x15 cm flexible magnetic coil for large area treatment is optionally available.

It contains 4 magnetic coils with the same polarity. It is therefore particularly suitable for the treatment of the spine, pelvis, hips or, for example, longitudinal fractures of the femur. This cuff should not be applied in a circular manner, but should be laid along the spine, for example. The magnetic rollers create a magnetic field with a large surface area but not too deep.

Magnum SingleSoft 

A SingleSoft handler for smaller areas is optionally available. This contains a single magnetic coil in a soft sponge. The flat side of the case is the south (S) pole of the coil, the north (N) side is the opposite side where the bellows of the fixing strap is located.

Its size is 12x12cm, i.e. it can be ideal for the neck, wrist, hand, shoulder area.

Magnum Soft4 mattress

This handler contains 4 magnetic coils in soft sponge bags. The flat side of the case is the south (S) pole of the coil, the north (N) side is the opposite side where the strap bellows are located.

The size is 25x25cm, i.e. the back, waist, pelvis, hip area can be ideal. It can be a good solution for e.g. tennis elbow, epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, placed under the affected body part. This way, the treatment can be carried out at work, even at the desk.

Magnum Pocket Pro 

This handpiece contains 2 magnetic coils in a zippered, interchangeable textile case. The case clearly indicates the South (S) and North (N) poles. The coil is suitable for smaller areas. If you have more than one Pocket Pro, you can place them side by side with the same pole (to treat a larger area) or opposite side to side e.g. to treat fractures, joint injuries.

It can be secured with Velcro straps.

Magnum treatment mattresses

Three types of mattress are available. 

MAT100 mattress

The smallest is the MAT 100 mattress. Its size is 70x45 cm. It contains 4 magnetic coils in textile cover and "memory foam". This means that it can be placed on a chair or armchair and used for sitting or lying on. For example, it can be ideal for treating the thighbones, hips, pelvis, lower back, back, shoulder and neck. It is therefore also excellent for long treatments lasting several hours!

TotalBody 200 and 400 treatment mats

These large mats are recommended for long treatments lasting several hours, when a whole body or a large part of it needs to be treated at the same time. For example, osteoporosis, multiple arthritis, spinal disorders, allergies, immune strengthening, circulatory improvement.

The TotalBody mattress has a total size of 70x180 cm. It can be placed on the bed, under the sheets, so you can even treat yourself while you sleep. The mattress actually consists of 4 smaller units.

In the case of the Total Body 200, only 2 of the 4 mattress units have magnetic coils (4 to 4 pieces).  This allows you to create multiple distributions by varying the mattress elements.

mágnesterápiás matrac Totalbody 200

With Total Body 400 there is no compromise. Each section has 4 magnetic coils, which gives you total body treatment.

totalbody 400 mágnesterápia matrac

The Magnum XL is simple and safe to use:

place the magnetic treatment unit on the area to be treated, then
select the appropriate programme from the menu of the device
once started, the device will perform the treatment according to the set programme


  • Power: 280 Gauss total power
  • Power source: 220V power
  • Frequency: adjustable between 5 and 200 Hz (parameter can only be changed during programming)
  • Cycle time adjustable: 5-50%.
  • 26 predefined programs
  • Mains and battery operation - battery not included in the basic price, available separately
  • Display: large and clear graphical display allows overview of all parameters
  • Device class: class II A
  • Compliance: Complies with Directive 93/42/EEC to 2007/47/EEC

Compatible accessories

Instruction for Use

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    Before using the product, please read the instructions carefully. By understanding the recommended use of the product, you will be able to take advantage of the capabilities that the product can provide.