Magnum TotalBody 400 mattress /16solenoids/70x196cm
Instruction for Use

Magnum TotalBody 400 mattress /16solenoids/70x196cm

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: 4pcs 70x44cm mattress with Velcro, 4 magnetic rolls each
Item number: G5948
Instruction for Use


The Magnum TotalBody 400 magnetotherapy mat is not a stand-alone device, but an accessory that can be connected to the Magnum XL and Magnum XL Pro magnetotherapy devices. Only works when connected to magnetotherapy devices!

  • TotalBody 400 mattress consists of a total of four 44x70 units.
  • Each of them is active,  i.e. it contains a magnet coil, each with 4 coils. This makes a total of 16.
  • The mattresses can be attached to each other with Velcro.

It is recommended to use this method when

  • For most magnet therapy treatments, long treatment times of several hours are recommended, which are optimally performed at night, during sleep.
  • For many people (e.g. those with fixed working hours), there is no time during the day to perform long treatments - the magnetotherapy mat can be used to treat you while you sleep.
  • The mat can also be used to treat bedridden patients.

Preparing, positioning and preparing the Magnum TotalBody 400 mattress for treatment

  • The mattress sectors are attached to each other with Velcro.
  • Each sector has 4-4 solenoids (magnetic coils), creating a magnetic field along its entire length
  • Place the mattress on the bed lying surface and position it.

Operating the Magnum TotalBody 400

  • Connect the mattress to the Magnum XL or Magnum XL Pro
  • Select the appropriate programme from the menu and start it.
  • Sleep peacefully, the device will automatically switch off after the treatment time has elapsed.

Instruction for Use