Medintim Active Erection System
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Medintim Active Erection System

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Vacuum tube, vacuum pump, 4 penis rings (10; 12.5; 15 and 20 mm diameter), fitting accessories, 50ml lubricating gel, carrying case
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Instruction for Use


The Active Erection System is a medical device for achieving erection in erectile disfunction.

  • In the tube attached to the penis, the pump creates a vacuum that causes local blood to be pumped, which helps to achieve erection.
  • After an erection is achieved, the ring on the tube, when removed from the base of the penis, prevents blood from flowing back to the penis, thus maintaining an erection and aiding normal sexual activity.
  • The Active Erection System is easy to clean with warm water. All parts, including the four differently sized rings, can be replaced years later.
  • The vacuum pump motor comes with a two-year warranty. All parts can be stored in the supplied bag until next use.

There may be causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • heart failure
  • elevated blood fat
  • depression or other psychiatric conditions
  • genetic disorders (multiple sclerosis, paralysis)
  • prostate diseases or surgery
  • vascular diseases affecting the penis
  • liver and kidney failure
  • cardiac infarction and post-stroke conditions
  • side effects of medications (e.g.
  • hormone imbalances
  • alcohol and drug problems
  • smoking

The products fall into the category of intimate hygiene products. For health and hygiene reasons, the return of the unit accepted if  the packaging is unopened, sealed, only. [Government Decree No. 29 (1) (e)]. Government Decree 45/2014 (26.II.). 

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