PhysioLaser 1000 softlaser /LLLT

PhysioLaser 1000 softlaser /LLLT

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: device, laser head, 1 pair of operator glasses, 1 pair of patient glasses, power supply, carrying case


High power (1000mW) soft laser for musculoskeletal, dermatological, dental and beauty applications for professional therapists.

30 predefined treatment programs

  • 23 Health and Rehabilitation
    • Arthrosis
    • Ankle sprains
    • Ankle sprain
    • Ankle pain
    • Oedema caused by ankle sprain
    • Meniscopathy
    • Ankle osteoarthritis
    • Achilles tendonitis
    • Lower limb pain
    • Myofascial pain in shoulder
    • Shoulder joint pain
    • Epicondylitis (tennis and golf elbow)
    • "Frozen" shoulder
    • Cavicular Tunnel Syndrome
    • Chronic back pain
    • Back pain with radicular symptoms
    • Neck pain
    • Neck pain with root symptoms
    • Myofascial neck pain
    • Neck osteoarthritis
    • Temporomandibular joint pain
    • Tendinopathy (tendon degeneration)
    • Healing improvement (ulcer, surgical scar)
  • 7 Beauty and Fitness
    • Male Stretch Marks
    • Thigh, hip, buttock edematous cellulite
    • Thigh, hip, buttock cellulite
    • Other cellulite
    • Treatment of stretch marks on the body
    • Scars
    • Treatment of lymphedema

The device can be programmed in both point treatment and scanning mode.

Main therapeutic effects

  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Eczema reducing effect
  • Biostimulatory effect
  • Anti-pain effect

Physiolaser 1000 accelerates the regeneration of inflamed tissue, revitalizes cells and improves microcirculation. It is particularly effective in all cases of muscle/arthritis. Inflammation is usually caused by reduced microcirculation. The amount of blood reaching the cells causes ischaemic (oxygen deprived) damage.
By eliminating the oxygen deficiency, soft laser treatment reduces the relative pain and stops the progression of the disease. It stimulates healing and eliminates pain alone or in combination with other therapies. This allows the dose of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to be reduced.

Soft laser treatment stimulates the body's natural healing processes.


  • Power: 1000mW
  • Energy class: Class II B
  • Laser class: IV
  • Watt power: (CEI EN 60825-1) 1000 mWatt (1 Joule/second)
  • Radius divergence: 13°
  • Laser type: Ga Al As diode
  • Wavelength: 808 nm
  • Size of area covered: 3.5 X 11.5 mm
  • Mode of operation: continuous and pulsed