Power Q-2200 compression therapy unit
Instruction for Use

Power Q-2200 compression therapy unit

Included by default: Device, alone. Warning: cuffs and air hoses should select separately, according size and needs.
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Instruction for Use

The Power Q-2200 is a mid-level compression therapy unit, controlling the operation of 4 compression chamber cuffs, and is capable of treating, or improving several diseases and complaints, in mild and moderate conditions.

  • It is excellent for the treatment of lymphedema in the comfort of your home. It can be used in mild condition. 
  • You can use it equally in edema affecting the arms or legs.
  • Its good for arm swelling, developing after breast removal surgery (mastectomy).
  • You can effectively eliminate the feeling of heaviness of legs, and tension pains caused by varicosity.
  • You can also apply it to relieve swelling of your feet associated with varicosity in pregnancy.
  • Excellent for the treatment of post-thrombotic state (3 months after the acute phase has resolved)
  • In case of limb paralysis, decreased mobility, it stimulates blood circulation when regularly applied, and helps to prevent swelling and the development of thrombosis 
  • Reducing cellulite symptoms (by using leg and waist cuffs)
  • Improvement of muscle regeneration after sports - it increases the excretion of metabolites and accelerates the regeneration
  • It provides a relaxing and pleasant massage to the tired body. It refreshes and soothes.

General features of Power Q-2200

Leg cuff (available in M-L-XL sizes), arm cuff (available in M-L sizes) and waist cuff (available in M-L sizes) can be connected to the device. In order to select the appropriate size, look at the size chart and measure the relevant circumferences!

You can connect up to 3 cuffs to the device at a time.

Each cuff is composed of 4 air compartments.

The device provides 4 different inflation programs (A - B - C - D): first it blows the lower air compartment to the set pressure, and then if reached moves to the next. The inflated air compartment puts pressure on the underlying tissues and “squeezes out” the edema.

Program B is the mildest, and treatment is getting stronger in Program A, Program D, and finally C.

Be patient! Start treatments with program B or A and only switch to stronger programs if the result is not approppriate.

You can use each program to improve muscle regeneration in athletes or after a stroke.

The programs are bottom-up, meaning that the lower air compartment of the cuff is inflated first and then the next. The inflated air compartment puts pressure on the underlying tissues and “squeezes out” the edema (dirt).

The treatment time can be set to 15 or 30 minutes. When it expires, the device stops.

Risks of treatment

If you set too high pressure, it can lead to “hardening of skin” on the edematous body parts. This in turn, can worsen your condition - therefore avoid the use of high pressure!

In case of heart disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, or after myocardial infarction, never apply a higher pressure than 40-50 mmHg, and use only one cuff at the same time! By using more than one cuff at a time, you may overload your circulation, which can eventually lead to heart complaints.

Do not massage the tumor tissue directly, because you can promote the spread of the tumor. But, for example, in case of a thyroid cancer, you can safely manage your feet.

Selecting the proper cuff size:

It is important to select the most accurate cuff size. Therefore, measure the circumference of your arms, feet and trunk. Choosing the correct size will result in a more effective treatment.

Use the following locations on the body to measure circumference:

  • when using the leg cuff: ankle - leg - kneecap - top of thigh (upper-thigh)
  • when using the arm cuff: wrist - forearm - upper arm circumference (below the armpit)
  • when using the waist cuff (abdominal band): waist circumference, measured at the width of the palm below the navel - hip

In the light of these data you can select the correct size cuff!

Technical features of the Power Q-220 compression therapy unit

  • Adjustable cuff pressure: 0-200 mmHg 
  • The cuff pressure is same for each air compartment
  • Selactable treatment time: 15 or 30 minutes
  • Type of the cuffs: 4 chamber (4 air chambers/ air compartments)
  • Weight of the unit: 3.1 Kg
  • Number of programs: 4

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