ValueTrode X Cloth TENS electrode 5x5cm 4pcs PIN

ValueTrode X Cloth TENS electrode 5x5cm 4pcs PIN

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: 4pcs self-adhesive electrodes 50x50mm


The ValueTrode® Cloth neurostimulation electrodes provide high quality at an economical price.

The ValueTrode® electrodes with Axelgaard's patented MultiStick® multi-layer hydrogel are known for their durability and multiple applications on the skin.The multilayer gel optimises even current distribution.

Role of the TENS electrode

  • In electrotherapy treatments (TENS, EMS, MENS, MCR, KOTZ, INTERFERENCIA), the pulses are delivered through electrodes that are glued to the skin.
  • The surface of the electrode contains a gel (gelatinous substance) which ensures unobstructed transmission of the impulse to the skin.

The TENS electrodes can be used several times

  • The electrodes are carefully detached from the skin after treatment and can be glued back onto a plastic sheet.
  • As long as the glue is properly adhered, the electrode can be used.
  • When it stops sticking and the center dries out, discard it and get a new set.
  • Do not use the same electrode more than once, as it can transmit infections!

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