Arm cuff /12 chambers
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12 air chamber arm cuffs for Power Q-8120 lymphatic massage machine

The torso and arm cuffs are unisize, i.e. there is only one size.

The basic size of the leg cuffs can be extended with a snap-in extension.

The price of the trouser cuffs also includes extensions. Thus, by adding these, the size can be extended up to 164cm waist. For a smaller body size, it can be "tapered" with several rows of zippers.

Measure at the following locations

  • leg cuffs: ankle - shin - kneecap - thigh cap
  • arm cuffs: wrist - forearm - upper arm circumference under the armpit
  • torso to cuff: abdomen, palm-width below navel - hips
  • trousers to cuff: abdomen-hip-thigh-hip-hip-ankle
LEG with extender90308470625825-
PANT base size15010810862483250100
PANT max size15016416084705450100