SineBravo EMG-biofeedback device /2channels
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SineBravo EMG-biofeedback device /2channels

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: 1x device, 2x cables for electrode connection, 1x cable for reference electrode, 4x adhesive electrodes, 1x carry case, 4x AA battery

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Instruction for Use


SineBravo is an easy to use electromyography (EMG)-biofeedback device.

The term biofeedback refers to a method to perceive biological processes with the help of a technical device. This instrument measures physical activity – even if they are not visible or not voluntary – and converts them to optical and/or sound signals. Nevertheless SineBravo is not a diagnostic tool, but a two-channel device that can be flexibly used for electromyography.

Since both doctors and therapists are increasingly recognizing the importance of the measurement of muscle activity and the recording of individual progress of patients, EMG is becoming more and more important. SineBravo is particularly suitable for treatment in the patients’ homes.

During treatment it’s not necessary to hold SineBravo, since it can stand upright on a flat surface. This allows the patient the training or the treatment while observing the success of the individual efforts. The muscle activity is indicated by a yellow-green bargraph on each side of the screen and by numerical values in the bottom-line of the display.
At the end of each session, the screen automatically displays the average values of muscle activity in this session. The therapy-memory in the device allows a quick overview of the treatment data at any time, but it’s also possible to see the detailed statistics of the last 365 therapy-days. SineBravo can be used with or without connection to a personal computer. The stored treatment data can be transmitted easily later to the PC using a special software available.


  • Digital 2-channel device
  • Very simple handling
  • Threshold-setting can be done automatically or manually
  • Automatic threshold adjustment during treatment is possible
  • Acoustic indication of muscular activities as well as visual display by graphic bars and by increasing or decreasing numbers on the screen
  • Stand to hold the device during exercises
  • Global therapy-control at the end of each treatment
  • Detailed evaluation of longer treatment periods by the therapist is possible – the “Real-Time- Clock” allows the temporal assignment of the treatment data
  • PC-interface via USB-fibre optic adapter (optional) for detailed therapy control
  • CE 0123

Technical details

  • EMG Range: 0,2 to 2000 µV RMS
  • Sensitivity: 0,1 µV RMS
  • Selectable Bandpass filter - 3db Bandwidth,
    • a. Wide:     18 Hz to 370 Hz - Reading below 235 microvolts 
                            10 Hz to 370 Hz - Reading above 235 microvolts
    • b. Narrow: 100 Hz to 370 Hz
  • Notch filter: 50 Hz - 33 dbs
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 130 dbs Minimum @ 50 Hz
  • Work/Rest-periods: 2 – 99 seconds
  • Number of Trials: 1- 99
  • Physical Dimensions (mm): 142 x 74 x 35
  • Batteries: 4 x AA
  • Weight: 270 g including battery

Compatible accessories

Instruction for Use

  • Használati útmutató SineBravo biofeedback készülékhez
    Mielőtt a készüléket használni kezdi, tanulmányozza át alaposan a használati útmutatót! Az eszköz funkcióinak és a működtetés módjának megismerése és megértése után tudja kihasználni azokat a funkciókat, melyekért az eszközt beszerezte.
  • Bedienungsanleitung - User Manual | SineBravo biofeedback unit
    Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the device. Once you know and understand the functions of the device and how to operate it, you can take advantage of the features for which you purchased the device. Bitte lesen Sie die Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie das Gerät benutzen. Wenn Sie die Funktionen des Geräts kennen und verstehen und wissen, wie es zu bedienen ist, können Sie die Vorteile nutzen, für die Sie das Gerät gekauft haben.