Veinoplus V.I. veinous insufficience therapy
Instruction for Use

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You found this product because it was previously in our range. We have discontinued distribution and therefore it is no longer available. However, you can still find the accessories you need to use this product!

Instruction for Use


VeinoPlus V.I. Circulation Therapy Device

VeinoPlus V.I. utilises patented technology to deliver effective, safe and comfortable stimulation that activates the calf muscle pump mechanism – referred to as the 'second heart' or 'peripheral heart’ – that compresses deep & superficial veins and lymphatic vessels in the legs to improve both the venous and the lymphatic circulations. Compression of deep veins by the calf muscles pushes blood upwards from the lower legs, helping to maintain venous return and the flow of the blood back to the heart.

VeinoPlus V.I. is an electric muscle stimulator (EMS) that uses gentle electric stimuli (low frequency and low voltage) delivered via self-adhesive skin electrodes attached to the back of the calves to contract the calf muscles (i.e. calf muscle pumps or 'second heart') effortlessly during rest in a similar way to the natural muscle contractions that occur during exercise and activites carried out in upright position, such as walking, running and jogging, etc. 

VeinoPlus V.I. Indications

  • Symptomatic treatment of venous insufficiency (V.I.) in all stages of the disease
  • Symptomatic treatment of post-thrombotic syndrome
  • Venous return improvement
  • Venous stasis reduction
  • Blood flow increase
  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Leg pain reduction
  • Leg swelling reduction
  • Improvement of venous ulcers healing
  • Restless legs syndrome reduction
  • Night cramps reduction

VeinoPlus V.I. can also help in people in situations of increased risk to the venous system, requiring increase or facilitation of venous return, such as:

  • Family history of venous insufficiency
  • Pregnancy related venous disorders
  • Presence of varicose veins
  • Prolonged intervals of sitting or standing
  • Lack of physical activities, such as walking
  • Leg immobilisation
  • Inactivity due to excessive weight or obesity
  • Limited mobility

Using the VeinoPlus V.I.

VeinoPlus V.I. has a single treatment program lasting 30 minutes and is easy to use. The user manual includes a simple table of most common treatment schedules based upon symptoms (i.e. heavy or aching legs, night cramps, restless legs, acute swelling, chronic swelling, non-healing leg ulcer, post-thrombotic syndrome). Single treatment session takes 30 minutes. Most treatment schedules require 1 session per day. Non-healing leg ulcers require 6 sessions spread through the day, with 2 of these in the evening.       

You should aim to use your VeinoPlus V.I. every day, preferably at the end of the day in the evenings or anytime, when your leg feels painful or is swollen. VeinoPlus V.I. treatment is also especially recommended during long-haul flights and for 7 days after long-haul flights.  Please note that the VeinoPlus must not be used with during take-offs and landings.   

If you are experiencing unilateral symptoms (i.e. in one leg only), place both electrodes on one calf only. If your symptoms are bilateral (i.e. in both legs), place one electrode on each calf.  

For best outcomes, you should perform the VeinoPlus V.I. treatment sessions in sitting or semi-recumbent position.

Slowly increase the intensity of stimulation by pressing the + key (plus key) to reach comfortable level. You should feel deep contractions of the calf/calves. The higher the intensity, the better the outcomes. However, always remember that the treatment should not become too uncomfortable or painful! If the stimulation sensation become to strong, reduce the intensity by pressing the – key (minus key).

The device will switch automatically off after 30 minutes.

VeinoPlus V.I. is battery powered. It uses 9 V alkaline batteries or rechargeable 9V batteries type 6LR61. You can easily obtain the batteries from supermarkets, electric retailers or online. Please do not use the lithium batteries as these could negatively affect functioning of the VeinoPlus. Please ensure that you do not try to charge the device, whilst it is fitted with the standard 9V alkaline battery as this would damage the device!  

VeinoPlus V.I. carries 12 months warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects, excluding battery, skin electrodes and cables. The warranty does not include normal wear & tear, misuse, abuse, wilful or accidental damage and tampering/removing internal parts and components.      

VeinoPlus V.I. technical specifications

  • Technologically advanced muscle stimulator indicated for venous insufficiency
  • CE 0086 Medical Device
  • Low frequency and low voltage stimulator
  • Single treatment program that lasts 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes treatment sessions with auto-switch off at the end
  • Input power: lower than 0.5 W
  • Output power: lower than 0.05 W
  • Voltage waveform: rectangular monopolar and balanced with ZERO net D.C. component
  • Duration of output impulses: 25 – 240 microseconds
  • Output voltage: peak value of 50 Vp ±5%, when loaded with impedance from 250 – 10 000 Ω
  • Current intensity: peak value of 100 mA ±5%, when loaded with 500 Ω
  • Modulated waveform in a special pattern resulting in muscle contractions from 2 – 120 per minute
  • Electrical impulses delivered via intact skin with maximum output voltage of 50 Vp ± 5%, maximum impulse time duration 240 microseconds and maximum charge per impulse no greater than 25 µC.
  • Battery powered – 9V alkaline battery or rechargeable 9 V type 6LR61 battery
  • Operation/storage/transportation conditions:  + 5 to + 27° C; RH  0 – 50%; pressure 850 – 1060 hPa; altitude equivalent to < 3000 m
  • Dimensions: 150 x 55 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 96 g (excl. battery)

Contraindications, warnings, precautions

  • Not to be used by people with implanted cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator
  • Always read, understand, and follow all recommendations, precautions and warnings listed in user manual
  • Retain user manual for future reference
  • Consult a doctor if suffering with tendency to bleed induced by anti-clotting medication
  • If you suffer with venous thrombosis, consult your doctor prior to using the device
  • Do not apply skin electrodes over any skin lesions, cancerous lesions, inflammation, infection, or varicose veins
  • Do not apply skin electrodes over the thorax as it may increase the risk of cardiac fibrillation

VeinoPlus V.I.  – perfect and relaxing way to treat venous insufficiency, post-thrombotic syndrome, leg pain and swelling!       

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Instruction for Use

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