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Disphagia - Swallowing disorder

Dysphagia or difficulty swallowing is a condition in which the swallowing process is difficult or obstructed.

There are several causes. Neurological and muscular diseases, severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, respiratory diseases with complications affecting swallowing, iatrogenic diseases, fibrosis/stenosis due to radiation, stroke, intubation or anoxic birth injuries, low use due to head or neck trauma.

In disphagia, electrostimulation is used to prevent and rehabilitate atrophy of the swallowing muscles. They can be used to treat swallowing difficulties of any origin (aetiology). Exceptions are mechanical causes that may require surgery (e.g. tumours causing obstruction).

The purpose of electrotherapy is to stimulate and re-educate the swallowing muscles (re-training of correct activity) by means of electrodes attached to the skin.

Electrostimulators are recommended mainly for clinics and medical practices, nursing homes, therapists. In a home environment, they should only be used under the guidance and care of a professional.