Power Q-8120 compression therapy unit
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Power Q-8120 compression therapy unit

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Device, alone. Warning: cuffs and air hoses should select separately, according size and needs.

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12 air chamber leg cuff

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Instruction for Use


The Power Q-8120 is a high-end, 24 air chamber compression therapy unit. You can simultaneously connect two 12-air chamber arm, leg or torso cuffs or one pair of 24-air chamber pants. Is capable of treating, or improving several diseases and complaints, either in mild, moderate or severe conditions.

  • It is excellent for the treatment of lymphedema in the comfort of your home. It can be used in any severity of the disease, and moreover, in case of ulcerative complications. It is appropriate for clinical use as well.
  • You can use it equally in edema affecting the arms or legs.
  • Its optimal for arm swelling, developing after breast removal surgery (mastectomy).
  • You can effectively eliminate the feeling of heaviness of legs, and tension pains caused by varicosity.
  • You can also apply it to relieve swelling of your feet associated with varicosity in pregnancy.
  • Excellent for the treatment of postthrombotic state (3 months after the acute phase has resolved)
  • With the help of its reverse (top-down) program you can manage the vascular stenosis associated complaints, you can improve the microcirculation of the leg (the entire lower limb), you may delay or avoid amputation. You can also use it in case of diabetic foot.
  • In case of limb paralysis, decreased mobility, it stimulates blood circulation when regularly applied, and helps to prevent the development of thrombosis
  • Reducing cellulite symptoms (by using leg and waist cuffs)
  • Improvement of muscle regeneration after sports - it increases the excretion of metabolites and accelerates the regeneration
  • It provides a relaxing and pleasant massage to the tired body. It refreshes and soothes.

General information about the Power Q-8120 machine

  • The Power Q-8120 is a professional compression therapy machine. Providing compression on max. 24 air  chambers. Optimised for home, office and cosmetic applications.
  • The machine allows all the settings recommended for the medical treatment of lymphoedema today.
  • The device treats with 12 and 24 air chamber cuffs. The higher air chamber number allows finer adjustment! This is particularly important in severe disease.
  • Of course, the pressure of the air compartments can be adjusted individually!
  • It has 10 programs (A1-A2-B1-C1-C2-C3-D1-D2-E1-E2).
  • For lymphoedema, varicose veins and post-thrombotic conditions, the A1-C1-D1-E1 programmes are recommended.
  • The A1 programme is the mildest, the C1 programme is the strongest and the D1 programme is intermediate.
  • Start with the A1 or E1 programme - if you don't find it effective enough, switch to the stronger programmes.
  • The same programmes can be used to improve muscle recovery in athletes or after a stroke.
  • The A1-B1-C1-C2-C3-D1-E1-E2 programmes are bottom-up, i.e. the lower cuff airway is inflated first, then the next.
  • Programmes A2-D2 are reversed, i.e. top-down. These programs should never be used in lymphoedema!
  • The A2-D2 programme is recommended to improve myocirculation in certain stages of peripheral vascular disease (vasoconstriction) and in post-operative conditions.
  • It can inflate one or two cuffs at a time with the same programme.
  • Start most treatments with a pressure of 30-60 mm Hg and 10-15 treatment times, monitor the effect and increase the pressure and treatment time after a few treatments (if necessary).
  • Too high a pressure can cause "hardening" of the oedematous part, so avoid using high pressure!
  • After heart disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, cardiac infarction, use even lower pressures and use only 1 cuff at a time!

Selection of cuffs

The Power Q-8120 can handle up to 24 air chambers at a time. This means that up to two 12-air chamber cuffs or 24-air chamber trousers can be connected at the same time.

Choose the cuff depending on your symptoms.

Arm cuffs

Lymphoedema affecting the arm is usually unilateral, i.e. you may need one cuff. If you are buying the device as an athlete to improve muscle recovery, you may want to buy 2 arm cuffs so that you can treat both arms at the same time. The arm cuffs have a Velcro strap to secure them under your opposite armpit.

Leg cuffs

This cuff is excellent for treating lymphedema, varicose veins, post-thrombotic conditions affecting the leg. For athletes to improve muscle regeneration. Depending on whether your oedema affects one or both legs, you can buy just one cuff or, of course, a pair. If the size is not right (small), you can enlarge it by using one or more expanders. The extensions can be simply zipped into the cuff.

Waist cuff

Buy if your lymphatic system extends all the way up to your thighs. In this case, your torso needs to be treated as well as your legs. The cuff should be fitted belt-like, starting from where the top of the thigh cuff is. It can also be used to treat cellulite and cellulite - although trousers are more effective here.

Full pant cuff

You can treat almost the whole body at once - from legs to underarms! Ideal for post-workout muscle recovery, beauty treatments, especially for cellulite, cellulite, cellulite treatment and after cavitation. Can be used up to 160 !!! waist-hip circumference.

We do not recommend this cuff for the treatment of heart patients, hypertensive patients, because it is too effective in displacing fluids and may cause discomfort to these patients. A separate leg-arm-cuff may be used for such conditions.

The Power Q-8120 cuff sizes

The torso and arm cuffs are unisize, i.e. there is only one size.

The basic size of the leg cuff can be extended with a configurable extension.

The trouser cuff price also includes extensions. Thus, by adding these, the size can be extended up to a waist measurement of 164cm. For a smaller body size, it can be "tapered" by zippers in several rows.

Measure in the following places

  • leg cuffs: ankle - shin - knee cap - thigh cap
  • arm cuffs: wrist - forearm - upper arm circumference under the armpit
  • waist cuff: abdomen, palm of hand below navel - hips
  • pant cuff: abdomen-hip-hip-thigh-hip-hip-hip-ankle



LEG with extender






PANT smallest


PANT biggest


*in cm.

Setting suggestions

  • The Power Q-8120 controls the cuff pressure as an air cuff!
  • It can inflate one or two cuffs at a time, with the same program.
  • Adjust the cuff pressure so that the lowest air compartment has the highest pressure and the upward compartments have the lowest pressure. E.g. 60-60-60-60-60-50-50-50-50-50-40-40-40-40-40 Hgmm. Recent studies have shown that this provides effective treatment for foot neuropathy.
  • Set the pressure hold time to 5-7 seconds.
  • Set the treatment time to 20 minutes for the first treatments. After a few treatments, the time can be increased if necessary. Treatments longer than 30 minutes are rarely needed at a time.
  • Treat with a trunk cuff before or at the same time as the foot treatment.
  • If the oedema is building up quickly, you can treat several times a day using the above settings.
  • Total treatment time per day should not exceed 120 minutes.
  • In most cases a pressure set between 25-60 mm Hg should be sufficient!
  • Monitor the effect of the treatment (measuring limb circumference helps, but the onset of urination is also an indication of the effect)
  • Always adapt the treatment to your individual needs.
  • Always seek the advice of a specialist in lymphoedema treatment.
  • In the case of lymphoedema, it is still advisable to wear a diaphragm and elastic clothing, despite using a lymphatic massage machine!

Specifications of the Power Q-8120 lymphatic massage machine

  • Display: graphic LCD
  • Number of programs: 10 inflation patterns
  • Adjustable cuff pressure: 0-200 mm Hg range
  • Cuff pressure adjustable per air cuff
  • Adjustable treatment time: 0-99 minutes
  • Pressure hold time: 0-15 sec
  • Inter-cycle interval adjustable between 0-60 sec
  • Type of cuffs: 12 air compartments
  • Machine weight: 9.0 kg

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