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Asthma bronchiale is a chronic lung disease in which the mucous membranes of the bronchi swell and become inflamed, causing the smooth muscles in the walls of the bronchi to contract spasmodically, narrowing the airways. This makes it difficult to breathe.

If you've been to the beach, you may have experienced that your asthma, which is a nuisance at home, suddenly "goes away" at the beach, unnoticed! You did nothing but breathe in the salty sea air.

Salt therapy can help you prevent asthma attacks, while it is not enough to treat an asthma attack on its own.

Salt therapy involves the introduction of microscopic salt particles (less than 5 microns) into your lungs along with the air. They adhere to the mucous membrane of the airways, killing pathogens, neutralising allergens, loosening mucus and reducing inflammation. Salt air strengthens your "respiratory immune system."

Experiences have shown that asthma attacks in people who use salt therapy are noticeably reduced. Daily use will rid you of irritants and pathogens that can be inhaled at home or at work and settle on your mucous membranes. This is the main benefit, as they are known to cause allergic asthma. You'll breathe easier and feel better.

The longer you stay in the salt bath, the stronger the effect. Operate a salt therapy device near your head at night while you sleep. It envelops you in a beneficial salt vapour. Don't worry, it won't damage your furniture or technical items, but it will help your asthma.

You can enhance the effect with rock salt fortified with magnesium.