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Colds and flu

The upper respiratory illness caused by the common cold and flu virus. Neither can be treated with medicine! The virus is killed by your body's defence system (immune system) in a few days. No antibiotics or other drugs work on them. 

 Salt therapy is not a medicine either, it helps to boost your body's defences. 

Clinicians on salt therapy

As a Semmelweis University Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic website: "According to literature published in 2012, salt therapy in healthy children reduces the incidence of upper respiratory tract diseases. Salt therapy has been successfully used in cough-related conditions ....... colds, flu .... and many other conditions."

Clinicians have been studying the disease-preventive effects of salt therapy in school groups. Half of the group received preventive salt therapy. Those who did not receive salt therapy were twice as likely to get sick, have more severe symptoms and take longer to recover than those who did.

Helps prevent viral infection

The key findings of the study are:

  1. Salt therapy helps prevent viral infection (but is not a guarantee that you won't get infected)
  2. If you do get the virus, salt therapy can be used as an adjunct to medical treatment. It can help to make the course of the illness milder and the recovery time shorter.

What do you experience when using salt therapy?

The effects of salt therapy are not noticeable in the short term. If you go to a salt cave, apart from having a good rest, you may not feel anything. A single treatment has no meaningful effect on your health, not even on your respiratory system. Salt therapy works if you spend several hours a day in the salty air. But that doesn't mean you should lock yourself in the salt room.

Salt therapy devices are designed for long-term use. Place them on your bedside table and sleep in the salt vapour they "blow". You usually sleep for 6-8 hours and this is optimal for effective salt therapy. Do not place the device in the far corner of the room, but at a distance of one to one and a half metres from your head. This is when it is most effective.

The effects of salt therapy are not immediately noticeable!

If you use it as suggested above, you will not feel a change in your health overnight. The salty air gets into your lungs and "pulls a protective net around you". This can keep some of the germs away from you, so you benefit from prevention above all. You notice that you don't notice anything - you're not sick.:)


Many people have written to me who expected their child, who had a fever of 38-39 degrees for days, to recover after the first night and have his symptoms go away.

Salt therapy doesn't work like that. Besides, there is no such miracle cure or even medicine that can cure a fever, kill the virus, restore health with a single use! If you have caught the flu, use salt therapy as a complement to medical treatment. It helps to relieve respiratory mucus, nasal congestion, neutralize pathogens and thus helps your body's immune system to fight off the virus.

This is why salt therapy is worth using and these are what you can expect from it. Nothing more, but nothing less.