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COPD - chronic obstructive bronchitis

Chronic obstructive bronchitis (COPD) is one of the most common diseases in people over 40 years of age. Its main feature is chronic inflammation of the airways and the mucus it produces. This can be so much that it constricts the bronchial tubes and makes breathing difficult. COPD symptoms get worse over time. 


Salt therapy for COPD is not for the immediate relief of acute symptoms and breathing difficulties. Don't expect that from salt therapy!  

Breathing in salt air loosens the mucus in the airways, helping to clear it out. It clears the airways, helps prevent infection. Through these, it has the greatest role in preventing acute flare-ups. You're less likely to "choke" and end up in hospital than without it.


The salt therapy device blows out microscopic salt particles, which are inhaled from the air in the room and thus reach the depths of your lungs. The longer you are in the salt air, the more effective it is. At night, while you sleep, the device can work for up to 6-8 hours near your head.