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Pneumonia is an inflammation of the airways and/or lung tissue. Inflammatory mucus builds up in the airways and lung alveoli. Breathing becomes difficult and there is a general feeling of weakness and faintness.

If you don't need to go to hospital, you should use salt therapy at home - strictly in addition to, not instead of, medical treatment! Salt therapy has been used since Hippocrates to treat respiratory illnesses.

It's simple, you need to breathe in salt-rich air. The salt particles go deep into your lungs, stick to the mucous membranes and exert their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial (germicidal) and expectorant effects.

What happens in case of pneumonia?

It helps to reinforce the effects of medical treatment, antibiotics and expectorants. It will ease your discomfort, speed up your recovery and  you will need less medication to do this. It's all beneficial.

Salt therapy alone is not enough for pneumonia. However, it works "in combination" with the treatment and thus strengthens and enhances the effect of the medical therapy.

How to use salt therapy?

The longer you stay in the salt bath, the more effective salt therapy is. Keep the device on the nightstand next to your bed or on a shelf above your head at all times. Keep it no more than one and a half metres away from your head. The further away it is, the weaker the effect!

Salt pipes are not suitable for pneumonia because the salt particles are large and are deposited in your throat, so they do not get down into your lungs where the disease is.

Only salt particles smaller than 5 microns can penetrate the deeper airways. Salt therapy is then effective.