Genesy SII 2 channel TENS-EMS unit
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Genesy SII 2 channel TENS-EMS unit

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: TENS unit, 2pcs cables, 4pcs 50x50mm and 4pcs 50x90mm TENS electrodes, battery charger, carrying case
Instruction for Use


The Globus Genesy S2 is a dual-channel electrotherapy device with 60 types of pain relief, rehabilitation, iontophoresis and incontinence programs. Hundreds of application possibilities

PROGRAMS: 12 Sport | 8 Fitness, Beauty and Wellness | 16 TENS-Pain Relief | 9 Preventive | 11 Rehabilitation | 3 Incontinence | 1 Iontophoresis

The Globus Genesy S2 Electrotherapy Device

  • For home pain relief and rehabilitation treatments,
  • for amateur athletes for muscle development and injury management.
  • Provides creation and storage of 6 custom programs

Sport programs

  • Develops muscle strength
  • Develops muscle strength with fiber-specific (fast-slow fiber) programs

Fitness, Beauty and Wellness Programs

  • The device's pulses improve muscle metabolism in a similar way to physical exercise
  • A beautiful body is an expression of well-being and balance, which we must protect over time.

Rehab and Pain Relief Programs

  • Assist in the functional recovery of muscles and joints
  • Instant post-operative rehabilitation programs
  • After a period of immobilization (e.g. TENS treatments are effective in reducing pain
  • TENS treatments use mild and uncomfortable stimulation, help to improve quality of life


  • The accessory required to perform iontophoresis must be purchased separately
  • For the treatment of the skin (local administration of active ingredients)
  • For the treatment of pathological palm-palms and hips sweating
  • For the treatment of Peyronie's disease 

Incontinence programmes

  • The device provides programmes for all three types of incontinence, making it suitable for stress, urge and mixed incontinence treatment


  • Dual channel device (4 electrodes)
  • Frequency: 0 - 150 Hz
  • Power: 100 mA per channel
  • Pulse amplitude: 50 - 400 µs
  • Waveform: square wave, biphasic, symmetrical, compensated
  • Power supply: rechargeable battery
  • Backlit display

Compatible accessories

Instruction for Use

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