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Fitness stimulator

Sweat-free body shaping is a long-standing human desire. Muscle stimulation can actually help make it easier and faster to shape your muscles. Without being exhaustive, here are some of the shaping programs available in the electrostimulator devices from the manufacturer Globus. I'll also tell you what you need to do in order for it to really help. 

Test shaping and muscle stimulator

Muscle stimulation programmes stimulate muscles to respond to impulses by contracting. Stimulator-induced contractions can even cause a more powerful muscle contraction than when you perform voluntary movements, such as exercise.

For the muscle, it doesn't matter whether the signal that triggers the muscle contraction comes from your brain or the stimulator. In either case, exactly the same process is taking place in the muscle. And if the contraction is the same, the effect will be the same.

If you stimulate the muscles systematically and persistently with muscle stimulation, the result will be the same as if you were "working out" in the gym.

So, with a little exaggeration, sitting in an armchair can help you shape your body, increase muscle mass, thicken your arm muscles, and shape your abs and buttocks. That's for sure.

There is a difference! And here's the "dog buried"... During muscle stimulation in an armchair

  • you don't "work" with your body weight, i.e. you don't carry your own weight. Therefore, your energy expenditure is significantly lower than, for example, with conventional exercise. Don't expect to lose any real weight with muscle stimulation alone.
  • your heart rate, respiration, oxygen carrying capacity will not improve one bit, so your overall stamina will not improve.

What is the benefit of muscle toning?

Muscle stimulators are primarily a supplementary tool and not a substitute for exercise!

Traditional exercise is time-consuming. Travelling to and from the gym is also time consuming. It can take half a year to achieve visible results with less than 50-60 minutes of exercise.

Muscle stimulators can help you shorten the time you spend exercising. When combined with traditional training, it provides a more efficient workout, so you can achieve results in less time.

It's a great service when you can't get down to the gym. At home, you can make up the lost workout in 20-30 minutes instead of an hour and a half. You can even spend that much time on yourself after the kids have gone to bed.

If you're dieting, you'll speed up muscle development, and more muscle mass consumes more energy, so you'll lose fat faster.

Be aware, however, that muscle stimulation also takes time. For a significant effect, you should use at least 40-50 minutes a day. This should fit into your daily programme. Of course you can do this sitting in your office. The stimulator device fits in your pocket and the electrodes glued to the muscles are not visible under your clothes. If your work allows, it's also a time-saver.

While stimulation does help improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, you should also include at least 1-2 cardio workouts a week.

Fitness Programs

... before/before your regular workout:

  • Requirements:Recommended mainly for sedentary workers. If you are not used to exercising and have never used a stimulator, use this program for the first 2-3 weeks! The programme will firm the muscles and prepare you for more intensive stimulation treatments.
  • Jogging: Contractions applied to the leg muscles "substitute" for jogging. It increases muscle capacity and aerobic endurance by improving microcirculation.
  • Anaerobic training:Long and intense stimulation that accustoms muscles to longer efforts. Use it if you've mostly done weights (or nothing at all) but want to start running longer distances, i.e. endurance training.


... in addition to traditional training:

  • Forming: After 2-3 weeks of preparing your muscles with the Tensing program, you can slowly move to the Forming program. This more intense stimulation is designed to bring out the shape of your muscles. If time allows, you can follow up the Tightening program with a Shaping treatment to accelerate your progress.
  • Stimulation:Recommended for those with adequate muscle mass. Prevents the "fall back" of less used muscle bundles, improves the quality of muscle tone.
  • Bulking:Recommended for regular exercisers who want to further increase their existing muscle mass. The program combines intense contractions followed by short rests.
  • Sculpting:Specifically designed to support the bulking results of gym workouts. It stimulates the muscles to work extremely intensely, so it is important to use it only on muscles that are in a strong workout. For example, it's great for days when you don't get to a workout (you can use it at home or in the office)
  • Developing muscle tone:It strengthens muscle tone while avoiding weight loss. Specializes in further developing already toned muscles.
  • Aerobic training:Improves the muscles' ability to use oxygen. Recommended mainly for regular cardio users on the most used muscle groups. For runners and cyclists on the thigh muscles, for swimmers on the shoulder and upper arm muscles, and the broad back muscles. Specifically used by athletes who are most active.
  • Cramp prevention:Improves muscle circulation and recovery. Relaxes, reduces neuro-muscular activity, which reduces the occurrence of spasms.

Other beauty programmes

  • Swelling Reduction:Delivers deep lymphatic massage, stimulates drainage, toxin removal and lymphatic circulation. Recommended for swollen limbs and significant water retention. Low-frequency use has a positive effect on local metabolism, and weight loss can be achieved through its use.
  • Toning massage:Expands blood vessels. Improved circulation activates cellular processes, accelerates tissue regeneration, improves muscle circulation.Tonic massage.
  • Post-pregnancy programmes:Special programme to aid post-partum recovery. Invigorates and strengthens the abdominal muscles.
  • Facial programmes:Low-intensity electrical impulses to stimulate and improve microcirculation of the face.
  • Breast Programs:A program for ladies to lift sagging breasts. It works by improving the tone and shape of the pectoral muscles.
  • Improve skin tone:Apply to areas where you want to firm skin tissue (for example, in the case of sudden weight loss or after pregnancy). Works by improving microcirculation.
*Not all electrostimulators provide all the programmes, the programme lists vary from model to model. It is important that when you decide to purchase such a device, you read the program list for the specific device to make sure it suits your needs.