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Re-gaining muscle mass

Due to "temporary" inactivity (for example, lack of movement due to injury or surgery), "unused" muscle loses mass and strength very quickly. Even a few days of inactivity is a serious "loss", but if the forced rest lasts for several weeks, the drop in muscle performance is significant.

This is a major problem for athletes, as a minor injury can cause them to lose muscle that they have "built up" and strengthened over months of painstaking training in a matter of days. 

Muscle Regain with Muscle Stimulation

Get started sooner!

You can start maintenance treatment for uninjured muscles immediately after an injury or surgery. For example, in the case of an injury to the left leg, you can start right away with muscle mass and muscle strength-retaining stimulation for the right leg.

Muscle mass recovery

You can often start stimulating and strengthening muscles before you start physiotherapy. For example, if you have knee ligament surgery, you should not move or load the knee joint for days. In the meantime, the thigh and leg muscles are rapidly recovering.

You can use muscle stimulation even then. The treatment does not cause any displacement of the joint and therefore does not put any strain on it.

The physiological effect of stimulation is the same as exercise - it prevents muscle atrophy.

After the wound has healed and you have rested, you can start traditional physiotherapy! However, you don't have to "restore" a muscle that has been broken down, but you can start again with the muscle mass retained."

You can significantly shorten the recovery and rehabilitation time by starting muscle stimulation in time.


In this product group we have collected devices and equipment that can be used for muscle recovery.