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Leg ulcers

A leg ulcer is a non-healing or slow-healing wound on your leg. It is usually the result of varicose vein disease, less often arterial. The skin thins and then cracks, and the wound "barely wants" to heal.


If you have failed to prevent the ulcer and it has developed, you have a difficult time. Move as much as you can without pain. Because the motor of blood circulation in the leg is the regular contraction of the leg muscles. 

If you can't move any more, use a modern medical device, replace muscle movement with a functional stimulator.

This treatment causes your muscles to contract rhythmically, which has the same effect as walking. It stimulates your blood circulation, improving your chances of healing a leg ulcer.

If you have an ulcer of venous origin, you can use the VeinoPlus V.I. device, if it's caused by arterial (atherosclerosis) then VeinoPlus Arterial (Exception if you have a pacemaker or an implanted defibrillator, because you can't).

The circulatory effectiveness of Veinoplus devices has been proven by medical studies.


Soft laser treatment stimulates skin cell regeneration and healing.