Runner Pro TENS/EMS/MCR /4channels
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Runner Pro TENS/EMS/MCR /4channels

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: TENS unit, 4pcs cable, 2pcs cable for microcurrent treatment, 4pcs 48x48mm and 4pcs 50x90mm TENS electrodes, battery charger, carrying case
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Runner Pro is a high-end, 4-channel, multifunctional electrotherapy device. We recommend it mainly for professional and amateur runners, masseurs, trainers, despite the fact that it offers almost uncompromising options for physiotherapists (no peripheral paralysis, i.e. denervated muscle treatment program). 

The Runner Pro's general pain relief, microcurrent, muscle treatment, iontophoresis and beauty programs are exactly the same as those in the Cycling Pro, Triathlon Pro, Soccer Pro, Moto Pro, Genesy 300 Pro or even The Champion.

The Runner Pro differs from those listed, in that it provides specific programs for regular runners. These take into account the runner's usual goals of preparation, development, prevention and recovery, as well as rapid recovery from the most common running injuries

About muscle stimulation (EMS)

Muscle stimulation can be used to treat one or a few muscles or muscle groups. The treatment is done by sticking electrodes parallel to the muscle fibres as they run down the muscle.

The pulse delivered by the device triggers the muscles to contract. The pulse only triggers the contraction, the muscle itself contracts naturally. However, natural stimulation is always "controlled", the brain only "allows" a certain number of fibres to be used for the movement. With stimulation, this limit is "bypassed", so that a much cleaner and more powerful contraction can be induced. Therefore, stimulation has a more powerful effect on the muscle being treated than exercise. Of course, it is only for the treated muscle, so it is completely different from training, i.e. it is not a substitute but a complementary method!

Depending on the frequency, shape and duration of the impulse, the effect of the treatment is different: relaxation, improved blood supply, strengthening, thickening of muscle fibres, increase in overall muscle strength.The main applications of muscle stimulation in sport

Muscle stimulation in sport

  • Warming up - essential for vulnerable athletes. Stimulation prepares the muscle for the load. It increases circulation, warms and relaxes muscles, ligaments and tendons - injury prevention!
  • Capillarisation - improve muscle blood supply, stimulate capillary network growth
  • Accelerate muscle recovery (performed within 2 hours of exercise, 45-50% of lactic acid, CK and other metabolites are cleared, significantly shortens recovery time)
  • Relaxes stiff muscles - relieves reflex muscle stiffness following exercise or injury
  • Reduces muscle soreness after injury and stimulates recovery
  • Prevents muscle strength loss in the event of inactivity due to injury or surgery (muscle that is involuntarily unused loses strength quickly - it takes 1-2 weeks to lose it, months of preparation - muscle stimulation can prevent this).
  • Doesn't stress the joint, so it can be used immediately after arthritis/surgery and prevents loss of muscle strength
  • For those with time constraints, it allows additional muscle training on key muscles (e.g. for cyclists, the quadriceps is the most important, which can be trained with a stimulator while sitting in an office!)
  • A traditionally underdeveloped muscle can be concentrated on.
  • Allows for a developmental surplus that you can only get to a limited extent with traditional training: muscle fibre specific treatment!

Main Features for Runners

Muscle Stimulation Programs 

Runner Pro Sport's program provides the ability to maximize warm-up, capillarization, endurance, endurance strength, maximal muscle strength, explosiveness and muscle recovery.

Incorporating these programs into the training plan provides amateurs who train 4-5 times a week with significant performance improvement potential, because muscle stimulation (for the muscles being treated) is considered extra training!

For professionals, the warm-up and recovery programs are the primary benefit.

It makes a difference how you prepare your muscles for a training session with maximum load - injuries occur in the vast majority of cases when the muscle-ligaments are still "cold" and stiff at the beginning of the training session or match.

The other big advantage is the acceleration of regeneration. Muscle stimulation has been shown to remove 45-50% of the metabolites accumulated during exercise, thus significantly shortening recovery time. You can read Dr. Zsolt Zátrok's article on muscle stimulation programmes here.

Specific running training programmes

For professional and amateur runners, regardless of their discipline: road, track, cross-country, mountain, orienteering training

Physical training programmes aim to improve the long-term strength of the muscles involved in the running movement, prevent joint and muscle injuries and reduce risk factors. Improve your muscles' tolerance to oxygen deprivation for long runs and endurance. For middle distances, endurance training is appropriate (near maximal effort for as long as possible), for sprints, you need to develop explosiveness and maximum power. 

Special programs are available to address the "accessory" muscles, such as the muscles that stabilize the trunk. 

Preventive programs stabilize the muscles that support the ankles, patella and hips to avoid overuse inflammation. With properly prepared muscles you can drastically reduce the chance of injuries and overuse injuries (knee, Achilles), which are almost inevitable in the life of a runner.

By treating your core muscles, you can avoid the onset of waist-back pain that occurs during long training runs.

Pain management and rehabilitation programs are designed to speed recovery from injuries while maintaining muscle condition. 

The Runner Pro's specific programs are divided into 4 groups

Physical preparation: 

  • Capillarisation
  • Tendon Strength
  • Aerobic Endurance
  • Back Pain
  • Special for cross-country running


  • Ankle sprains
  • Spasms
  • Back Pain
  • Knee injury


  • Achilles tendon pain (TENS)
  • AchillesTendonitis (Microcurrent)
  • Back Pain (TENS)
  • General Pain Reduction (TENS)
  • Decontracting (EMS)
  • Ankle sprain
  • Patellar tendon inflammation


  • Tight
  • Calf
  • Gluteus
  • Neck - Trapezius

The importance of microcurrent treatments

In training to run, you need to train a lot and often. They put a strain on muscles and muscles. There is hardly a runner who does not have a sore knee or Achilles.

In case of strong and persistent overloading (e.g. too hard running surface) the ligaments react with inflammation, which hinders the training and even forces inactivity. The Runner Pro's microcurrent programs have a healing stimulating, anti-inflammatory effect (as opposed to TENS currents, which have no healing effect).

A major advantage of the Runner Pro over all other competing devices is that it has a large number of microcurrent programs to stimulate healing of the most common injuries. 

Runner Pro Programs

  • 30 specific development programs for running
  • 53 Sport (muscle fibre specific skill development, muscle recovery, capillarisation, warm-up)
  • 58 Fitness (body shaping, toning, general fitness)
  • 23 Microcurrent (pain and anti-inflammatory treatment, healing stimulating effect)
  • 18 series of "3S" edema treatment, regeneration repair programmes
  • 36 Beauty (beauty treatments)
  • 13 facial-skin G-pulse (beauty sporgrams for the special G-Trode handpiece, which can be purchased separately)
  • 12 pain relief/TENS (pain relief programmes, without healing effect)
  • 7 immediate (combination of active movement and muscle stimulation)
  • 3 rehabilitation (support rehabilitation after knee surgery)
  • 1 iontophoresis (treatment programme mainly to accelerate the healing of joint injuries - iontophoresis kit not included in the price)

Runner Pro Specifications

  • Pre-set treatment programs
  • 4 channels (8 electrodes)
  • 2+2 programs (2-2 different programs can be started per channel, so you can treat e.g.
  • Backlit display
  • Feedback mechanism: detects patient contact - only when electrodes are in contact can treatment be started
  • 7.2V (1.8Ah) rechargeable Ni-MH battery, with charger
  • Frequency: 0.3 - 150 Hz
  • Pulse Width (Amplitude): 40 - 450 µs
  • Maximum intensity: 120 mA, adjustable
  • Constant current generator (guarantees a constant current in any condition of the skin and stops the current in case of electrode fall)
  • Compensated biphasic square wave (signal quality is constant from positive to negative pole, no polarization effect)
  • If the charger is connected to the mains, for safety reasons, treatment cannot be started (does not allow switching on)

Compatible accessories

Instruction for Use

  • Hungarian | Segédlet Globus elektrostimulátorok használatához
    A hatékony elektrostimuláció nem nélkülözheti az alapismereteket. Ez a kézikönyv segítséget nyújt a Globus készülékek használatához, beleértve működés ismertetését, továbbá az elektródák megfelelő felhelyezését, a kiegészítők használatának bemutatását is. Ezek az ismeretek biztosítják, hogy maximálisan kihasználja a készülék fájdalomcsillapító, izomstimuláló, izomerősítő, rehabilitációs és regenerációs képességeit.
  • Hungarian | Globus 4 csatornás elektrostimulátorok összehasonlító táblázata
    A kiváló minőségű Globus elektroterápiás készülék többféle elektromos kezelést, programok százait biztosítják. Mindegyik készülék ezernyi felhasználási lehetőséget biztosít. A különbségek általában funkciócsoportokra vonatkoznak. Az egyik tartalmaz speciális sport programokat, a másik nem. Az egyikben szépségápolásra alkalmas programok is vannak, a másikban nem, stb. Ez a táblázat segíthet a megfelelő eszköz megtalálásában.
  • Hungarian | Használati útmutató: Runner Pro TENS/EMS/MCR
    Mielőtt a terméket használni kezded, tanulmányozd át figyelmesen a használati útmutatót! A termék javasolt felhasználási módjának megértése után tudod kihasználni azokat a képességeket, melyeket a termék biztosítani képes.
  • English | Instructions for use: Runner Pro TENS/EMS/MCR
    Before using the product, please read the instructions carefully. By understanding the recommended use of the product, you will be able to take advantage of the capabilities that the product can provide.