Triathlon Pro TENS/EMS/MCR /4channels
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Triathlon Pro TENS/EMS/MCR /4channels

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INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Triathlon Pro device, 4x stimulation cables, 2x cable for MCR, 4x 48x48mm & 4x 50x90mm self-adhesive electrodes, power adaptor, carry case
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The Globus Triathlon Pro is a high-level, 4-channel, multi-functional electro-therapy unit (electrostimulator). We recommend the use of this unit especially for professional and amateur athletes, masseurs, and trainers, despite the fact that it offers an almost uncompromising option also for physiotherapists (there is no treatment program available on this unit for peripheral paralysis, i.e., for the treatment of the denervated muscle). 
The general pain relief, microcurrent, muscle stimulator, iontophoresis and beauty programs are exactly the same as those of the Runner Pro, Cycling Pro, Soccer Pro, Moto Pro, Genesy 300 Pro or the The Champion units.
The difference is that the Triathlon Pro features a bunch of special programs for amateur and professional triathletes. These programs take into account the preparation, development, preventive, and regenerative purposes for them, and furthermore, they promote a speedy recovery from the typical injuries.

What's different about the Triathlon Pro?

Primarily its high quality and exceptional full service distinguish it from other manufacturer’s devices designed for sports. 

About the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) in general

By use of muscle stimulation, a single muscle or a few muscles, muscle groups can be treated. The treatment is carried out by placing the electrodes onto the skin over the muscle to be treated, parallel to the run of the muscle fibers.

The impulse delivered by the unit induces the contraction of the muscles. The impulse only triggers the contraction, the muscle itself contracts naturally. However, the natural muscle stimulation is always “controlled", the brain “permits” the involvement of only a certain number of muscle fibers for the execution of the movement. By stimulation, you “bypass” this limit, thereby a much cleaner and stronger muscle contraction can be elicited. Therefore, the stimulation exerts a more powerful effect on the treated muscle than the workouts. Of course, it affects only the treated muscles , thus it is a tool that was designed for something else entirely than the training itself, i.e., it is not a substitute, but a complementary method!

Depending on the frequence, shape, and duration of the impulse, it results in different treatment effects: relaxes the muscle, improves circulation, strengthen, thicken the muscle fibers, or increases the overall muscular strength.  

The main areas of application of electrical muscle stimulation in sports

  • Warm-up- it is essential for athletes prone to injury. The stimulation prepares the muscles for the load they will be subjected to. It improves muscle circulation, warms and relaxes the muscles, ligaments and tendons - injury prevention!
  • Capillarization- improve muscle blood supply, stimulation of capillary network growth
  • Speeds up muscle recovery (if the electrical muscle stimulation treatment is carried out within 2 hours after training, then 45-50% of the lactic acid, creatine kinase (CK) and other metabolites will be flushed out, it significantly shortens the muscle recovery time)
  • Relaxation of stiff muscles - it decreases reflex muscle stiffness following physical loading or due to injury
  • It reduces muscle pain after injury and stimulates the healing process
  • In case of inactivity due to injury or surgery, it prevents decline in muscle strength (the unused muscle loses its strength rapidly as a consequence of forced inactivity - you can lose in 1-2 weeks, what you have developed during months of preparation - you can prevent it by electrical muscle stimulation).
  • It does not load the joints, thus this treatment method can immediately be started also after arthritis / surgery, and it prevents the loss of muscle strength
  • It provides an additional muscle therapy for the major muscle groups of the body for people who are short on time (e.g. for cyclists, the quadriceps muscles are of primary importance - being the primary movers of the leg when they push through the pedal stroke - which can also be trained with the muscle stimulator e.g. while sitting in the office!)
  • The development training program can focus on the muscle, that is ordinarily not properly developing
  • This method provides such extra support for muscle development, that you can only partially get via conventional training approaches!

Main functions for triathletes

Muscle stimulation programs 

The sport porgrams of Triathlon Pro ensure maximization of warm-up, capillarization, endurance, endurance strength, maximum muscle strength, explosiveness and of muscle recovery. The use of these programs provides a substantial opportunity for performance development for the amateur athletes (training 4-5 times a week).

However, for the professional cyclists, mainly the warm-up and recovery programs provide extra help to achieve their goal.

It does matter how you prepare your muscles for the heavy-load trainings - since the majority of the injuries occur in cases when the muscles, and ligaments are still “cold" and stiff, mostly at the beginning of the training session, or contest.

Another big advantage it holds is ensuring the speeding up of muscle recovery There is evidence that by muscle stimulation, 45-50% of the metabolites can be removed from the muscle tissue, which accumulated during physical loading, thus the recovery time can significantly be reduced. 

Specialised training programmes for triathlon

For professional and amateur triathletes of all disciplines: for triathlon and duathlon races, for any distance

Triathlon Pro provides programmes for three sports - swimming, cycling and running. It provides 424 predefined programmes, more than The Champion (for comparison, the top Compex, SP8.0, for example, has 40 in total).

Swimming programmes are designed to strengthen the muscles of the trunk and upper limb, strengthen the muscles responsible for performing arm strokes, strengthen and stabilise the back and shoulder girdle muscles responsible for performing the pull phase, improve the stress tolerance of the muscles and optimise them for each distance. Ensuring rapid recovery in the event of minor musculo-articular pain in the shoulder.

Cycling programmes are designed to strengthen the muscles of the lower limb, particularly the thigh, buttock and calf muscles, improve pedalling rotation and rhythm, improve endurance and regenerate the knee joint.

Running programmes are designed to strengthen muscles for better running performance. Improving tissue oxygenation (aerobic capacity), delaying the feeling of fatigue, increasing running speed. Optimise the training programme according to the distance. Improve muscle recovery, relax tired and stiff muscles.

Preventive programmes: with properly prepared muscles, you can drastically reduce the risk of injuries and overuse injuries (knee, Achilles), which are almost inevitable in the life of triathletes.

By treating your core muscles, you can avoid the onset of low back pain that can occur during long rolls and runs.

Pain management and rehabilitation programmes (e.g. TENS and microcurrent) are designed to speed recovery from injury and maintain muscle condition (preventing muscle breakdown due to inactivity).

The special programmes of Triathlon Pro are divided into 3 groups

Aerobic trainingEndurance strengthAerobic training
Endurance strengthAerobic trainingEndurance strength
DecontractingIntensive aerobic trainingDecontracting
Active recoveryMax.strengthActive recovery
Shoulder recovery (microcurent)DecontractingAchilles recovery (microcurrent)
 Active recovery 
 Knee recovery (microcurrent) 

The importance of microcurrent treatments

During triathlon training, you will need to train a lot and often with significant loads. These put a lot of strain on muscles and muscles.

There is hardly a triathlete who does not have knee or Achilles pain. Severe and prolonged overloading causes the ligaments to become inflamed, which hinders training and even forces inactivity.

Triathlon Pro's microcurrent programmes have a healing, anti-inflammatory effect (as opposed to TENS currents, which have no healing effect). A major advantage of Triathlon Pro over all other competing devices is that it has a large number of microcurrent programmes to stimulate healing of the most common injuries. Read more about the effects of microcurrent programs here.

Triathlon Pro programmes

  • 60 specific development programmes for triathlon (swimming, cycling, running)
  • 53 Sports (muscle fibre specific skills development, muscle regeneration, capillarisation, warm-up)
  • 58 fitness (body shaping, toning, general fitness)
  • 23 microcurrent (pain and anti-inflammatory treatment, healing stimulant)
  • 54 series "3S" edema treatment, regeneration repair programmes
  • 60 Beauty (beauty treatments)
  • 13 facial-skin G-pulse (beauty programs for the special G-Trode handpiece, available separately)
  • 12 Pain Relief/TENS (pain relief programmes without healing effect)
  • 84 immediate (combination of active movement and muscle stimulation)
  • 3 rehabilitation (to support rehabilitation after knee surgery)
  • 1 iontophoresis (treatment programme primarily to accelerate the healing of joint injuries - iontophoresis kit not included)

Triathlon Pro technical specifications

  • Predefined programs
  • 4 channels (8 electrodes)
  • 2+2 programs (you can start a different program for each 2-2 channels, so you can treat your knee and neck pain at the same time)
  • Backlit display
  • Feedback mechanism: detects patient contact - treatment can only be started when electrodes are in contact
  • 7.2V, 1.8Ah rechargeable Ni-MH battery with charger
  • Frequency: 0.3 - 150 Hz
  • Pulse width (Amplitude): 40 - 450 µs
  • Maximum intensity: 120 mA, adjustable
  • Microcurrent range: 100-800 microAmps
  • Constant current generator (guarantees a constant current for any condition of the skin and stops the current in case of electrode fall off)
  • Compensated biphasic square wave (signal quality is constant from positive to negative pole, no polarisation effect)
  • If the mains charger is connected, treatment cannot be started for safety reasons (does not allow switching on)

Compatible accessories

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