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Arthrosis is one of the most common joint diseases. In which the cartilage covering the surface of the bones that make up the joint is damaged. It is a slow process in which they first thin, their surface becomes cracked and crumbles, and eventually the cartilage is absorbed.

When this happens, the bones at the ends of the joint come together, coming into direct contact with each other. This makes it difficult to move, damages the bone, and causes considerable pain.

Home Physical Therapy Options for Articular Cartilage Wear

  • TENS treatment has a pain-relieving effect, but has no curative effect, and does not repair the wear itself.
  • Microcurrent therapy has a stronger analgesic effect than TENS and also accelerates the regeneration process.
  • Muscle stimulation helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint. This stabilises the joint and reduces pain and prevents deterioration of the condition.
  • Ultrasound treatment increases blood circulation, which stimulates the healing process and the removal of metabolic products. The ultrasound treatment can be performed 10-15 times, after which a break of a few months is necessary.
  • soft laser treatment directly stimulates the healing and regeneration processes.
  • magnetotherapy treatment has a biostimulatory effect, i.e. stimulates regeneration processes.