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Body shaping

People try many things to shape their shape. They take a few "weight loss, fat burning" pills and eat chocolate in front of the TV, hoping that the next day the fat layer that has been built up over years of persistent snacking will "disappear". They eat salads for two weeks and are amazed that the few kilos they have lost are back in three days after the diet.  

Unfortunately, it takes more than that to get in shape! You need to make lasting changes to your eating habits and get a lot more exercise.

Is it tiring!? Yes, it is! But it's the only thing that works. However, there are a variety of tools that can help you in your shaping efforts. Muscle stimulators, for example - if you use them properly.

Can you lose weight with muscle stimulation ONLY?

I would have to say NO. Muscle stimulation is not a "magic wand" that will just make those fat deposits that have been developed through "years of hard work" disappear.

To this response, many people react with resentment and refer to commercials where they have seen a housewife eating cookies and watching TV while some kind of pill makes her fat pads disappear. These ads are a scam. They show what you want to see. You don't have to do anything to lose weight, you can go on living your life and eating the way you did before.

Attention! The nerdy people in the advertisements are sculpting their bodies with hard workouts and diets - they are shown to make you believe that the advertised device can make you look enviably 'fit' without a drop of sweat.

But the truth is that there is no such method. You have to "burn off" the fat! Exercise is the most effective way. No one can move or exercise for you! There is nothing you can do to replace it, but it is possible to stimulate consumption.

A muscle stimulator accelerates muscle development, improves exercise efficiency and thus increases fat loss. It really helps you to reach your goals faster.

Does muscle stimulation "burn" fat?

Muscle stimulation significantly speeds up muscle development, muscle strengthening, muscle metabolism and thus supports the fat burning process. However, the stimulation impulse alone does not burn fat.

Does muscle stimulation convert fat into muscle?

The answer is definitely NO. Fat cannot be converted (directly) into muscle.

Fat is created by poor eating habits, eating large amounts of high calorie food, sedentary lifestyles, avoiding exercise. Muscle, on the other hand, is "built", increased and strengthened by regular exercise, perseverance and effort.

Fat never becomes muscle. The energy generated by burning fat should (can) be used to build muscle. This has a shaping effect.

Weight loss. Does stimulation help?

The answer is YES.

Muscle stimulation, when used regularly with the right diet and exercise, accelerates muscle mass growth, which contributes to higher energy expenditure. Therefore, muscle stimulators indirectly contribute to weight loss.

You might think: "I eat healthy, I exercise, so I don't need electrical stimulation."

Indeed, it is not essential, i.e. muscle stimulation is not a prerequisite for weight loss. However, stimulation does make muscles tone, harden and thicken much faster. Even at rest, such muscles require more calories, which means that the fat-burning process is accelerated. Stimulation can therefore help you achieve the desired results in less time.

Muscle stimulation is particularly useful for people who have limited time to exercise.

Stronger muscles burn more calories!

Muscle stimulation helps muscles to become stronger and improves their metabolism. Therefore, the intensity of your workouts will also increase. You can run faster, run faster, lift heavier weights or perform an exercise more times in a given time. Fatigue is reduced and so more calories are burned with more frequent and more intense workouts.

By increasing muscle tone itself (which makes muscles more efficient), the body burns more calories. With a healthy diet and exercise of more than 60 minutes a day, the body (also) gains energy from stored fat. And the muscle stimulator makes the consumption process easier and faster.

What are "lipolysis" programmes for?

Some devices offer specific programmes to mobilise fat stored in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. These are usually referred to as "lipolysis", or fat burning.

Fat in the abdominal area is more "fluid". The impulses of lipolysis programmes make the membrane of the fat cells more permeable, so that the fat 'flows' out of the cells. However, lipolysis treatments should be combined with exercise. The acceleration of the circulation that comes with exercise is very important, because only in this way are the fat droplets "released" by the stimulation removed from their storage site. Without this, the dissolved fat will 'back up'.

The combination of electrostimulation and exercise can therefore increase the rate of consumption and thus make a physique workout more effective.

For stimulation of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs combined with exercise, it is advisable to use reusable belts or electrode pads, as the lifetime of self-adhesive electrodes is severely reduced by sweating. There are also belt-type electrostimulator electrodes that can be used while walking or cycling or jogging.


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